Why does a german shepherd eat curtains?

Your German Shepherd is eating your curtains because he or she is bored to death. It is very important that you get your dog out for daily walks of 30-45 minutes. Do a brisk walk but work your dog up to the full time slowly until he or she is in shape. Always have your dog on a lead. A 6 foot lead plus a choke chain is what is needed. Measure around your dog's neck and then add 2" to that measurement to get the correct size for the choke chain. Enroll yourself and your dog in an Obedience Class. This will teach you the correct way to walk your dog and also socialize your dog too. Check with your local animal shelter or Veterinarian or feed store or local newspaper for the nearest Dog Obedience class. This will exercise your dog and he or she will act much better in the house. If you are leaving your dog alone in the house, purchase a dog crate that is tall enough for your dog to stand up in & be able to turn around in. Put in some soft blankets & toys such as nyla bones & soft toys that cannot be tore up. An example is to tie 2 socks together for a toy, no rawhides or small balls though. Make sure he/she has a bowl of water in the crate too. Your dog will come to love his or her crate as its private place plus this is an excellent way to housebreak your dog too. Exercise and a crate are your best answers but be consistent in the daily brisk 30-45 minute walk, will do wonders for your dog and you.