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The blower motor is failing and will need replaced.

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2008-12-24 20:17:02
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Q: Why does a heater fan resistor keep burning out on a 2004 Chrysler Sebring convertible?
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What is the probable cause of an oil leak on a 2002 Chrysler sebring with no oil in driveway Is it a seal and where is the oil going?

Could be burning it at such a slow rate not showing smoke Could be leaking on hot part of engine and burning off How much is it consuming?

Why the fuse on a sebring convertible jxi 97 burns with the new 30gb ipod even with the best ipod car-charger?

AnswerFind the location of the fuse that is burning. And check to see if the fuse that is burned out is the correct wattage for that spot.

Check engine light and burning smell on a 96 Chrysler sebring convertible and it just started shaking a lot -then the check engine light came on-what is going on don't have much money any clues-please?

go to a checker, autozone or auto parts store they will retrieve the codes that turned ur check engine light on, and give u tips to fix it or just re list them on here i will help you find the root cause.

What does the term biomass fuel mean?

Organic matter convertible into heat, directly by burning or indirectly by biogastification

Why does the blower fan resistor on your 98 Concorde keep burning out?

The blower fan motor is worn out.

Components used to protect a LED?

The component used to protect a LED from burning up is called a resistor.

Chrysler Sebring 2001 LXi smoke coming from engine occasionallyWas told it was due to oil burning in enginebut oil level is fine?

Itr only takes a small amount of oil to get some smoke, white smoke is coolant, gray smoke would be oil, and black smoke would be fuel.

Why is your ignition fuse burning out on your 2001 Chrysler Sebring LXI?

To fix this on my car I thought I needed a new starter but when I went to take the starter out the bolt holding the positive cable on the starter wasn't very tight so I thought maybe that's it. Well that was the problem so I took back the $160 starter and the fuse never blew again.

What is burning smell 95 Chrysler new yorker?

You'll probably smell that burning smell if your gas is burning right, try putting about a cup of sugar into your gas tank as a catalyst.WRONG!! Do not put sugar in your gas tank! This will likely ruin your engine!!

The low speed and second speed blowers doesn't work for the blower motor?

the reason blower does not work on all speeds, is the fan blower motor resistor. The resistor is a 4-5 step series circuit, 1 resistor is added for each reduction in speed. If one burns out then so will all speeds below it. The "high" circuit usually has a separate fuse and bypasses the resistor altogether.

What is the value of resistor do you use in 2.5volts bulb with use 4 batteries with 1.5volts?

If your batteries were in series the total voltage would be 6 volts, and it the bulbs were in series you would need a resistor to keep them from burning out. In order to know how many ohms the resistor would need to be you would have to know the wattage of the bulbs, or the resistance of the bulbs. If you don't know the best thing to do is use a variable resistor. Then you can adjust it or the brightness that you want.

Blower motor works on speed 4 but not on speed 1 or 2 or speed 3?

Need to replace the blower motor resistor which is located just under the passenger side dash. 2 bolts on either side will remove it. Cost of replacement resistor is about $20.

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