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Because something is wrong with it.


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She can move away from her husband in Illinois, only after telling him or his lawyer.

Yes. But this will only work sometimes usually if the mother your giving the kitten to has lost one of her own.

It might have been because the cat was stressed or the kitten was threatening the mother cats health.

Yes. But this only happens if the mother cat is very accepting.

AnswerJust pull it out from it's mother stomacchIf the mother isn't stopping the kitten, you shouldn't either. The mother knows when it is time for the kittens to leave the nest so to speak. If the kitten is the only one left in the litter that still drinks then you can take action, especially if the mother has tried to stop it.

Most cats/kittens do it on their own. When the kittens are born the mother will lick them and nudge them towards her stomach to nurse. Only when a kitten is being neglected by it's mother, if she licks all the others but one and en out rages them all to nurse but that one, you should rub the kitten down with a warm towel (you should be g gloves so you don't get your sent on them) and move it to the mother to nurse. If she doesn't except it, keep trying, the last resort would be to bottle feed.

You should get your cat to the vet immediately. Messing around and not knowing what you are doing could easily cause the death of not only the kitten, but the mother cat.

ONLY milk provided by the mother cat ! NEVER give milk to cats to drink.

NO YOU CAN'T TAKE A KITTEN TO A PARTY! The kitten will freak out and might run away or get hurt. DON'T TAKE A KITTEN TO A PARTY!!! Let your kitten stay at your house for a while, but the only other place a kitten should go is the vet. Cats don't like to go places. They're not dogs!

No. For the first 7 weeks, they should only get milk from their mother or kitten formula purchased from a pet store. They will wean between 7 and 10 weeks of age.

There are a couple reasons for this.She has a mental problemShe didn't reconize it as her kitten (Mental problem)Was she feral? Feral cats do that sometimes to keep from starving.The kitten could have been too weak to survive or the mother could not wean it. If the mother cat, when a kitten, had been separated from the litter too early (seven weeks), or the cat is too young to be a mother, it has no awareness of what to do and treats the kitten as just another food source. Most experts conclude this behavior is generally confined to the first litter.

Well, it all depends on how new this newborn kitten is. If you're talking about just being born a few seconds ago, the answer is NO. A mother cat licks her newborn kitten to get it to start breathing. If you pick up a newborn kitten that's only a few minutes old, you're basically killing it. If the kitten is a few hours or a couple of days old, go ahead and pick it up, that is if you can. A mother cat is very defensive of her kittens. you may get scratched or bitten in the process.

A three week old kitten can only drink its mother's milk, or a special kitten formula if the mother is not available. Most kittens usually start to gain an interest in very soft "solid" food at around six weeks old.

No, only one, the mother may have mated with more than one toms, but only one sperm will have fertilised the egg, so only one father is possible.

Yes, a cat can indeed give birth to only one kitten.

only if you buy a larger kitten to eat the predator

He can move in with his mother only with the father's permission. Otherwise the mother needs to petition for a change in custody from the court that has jurisdiction.

because he likes the mother more than the daughter, and only uses the daughter to get close to the mother (in this case, the plan to move in). If the daughter in question lives with her mother, then he may just want to be closer to the daughter.

that's not unordinary...they do that all the time...its hard to tell when they are pregnant. it just means that (usually) the mother cat is a little more protective of the kitten if i was helpfull to you could you please recommend me!! that would be great

the only possible move is to try to get away from the flooded area

The only way is to move farther away from Earth.

No, this will not happen. There are only a few, firmly defined, instances where the mother cat's instincts tell her to abandon or drive away her own kittens. How a mother cat treats her kittens is a function of what stage her hormones are in following the birth, combined with her environmental cues. If there are conditions of stress. the mother will drive away her kittens as they grow, so they can establish their own hunting territories. If there is something wrong with one of the kittens, the mother will abandon them so a doomed kitten will not use up resources that will not help them.

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