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Gravity if forming the clouds from the atomic bomb.

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Q: Why does a mushroom cloud form after a nuclear bomb explosion?
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Can a nuclear bomb explode in space and produce a mushroom cloud?


Radioactive particles stirred up after a nuclear explosion?

fallout, a mixture of debris picked up by the updraft in the mushroom cloud and condensed vaporized bomb materials.

What happens if you stare at a mushroom cloud?

If you are referring to the blast of a nuclear bomb, you could easily lose your vision.

How do you make a nuclear bomb in doodle devil?

Mushroom + Bomb

Why does the atom bomb make a mushroom shaped cloud?

Any explosion on the ground makes a mushroom cloud, even small grenades. This is because of the physics of the explosion. The high pressure pushes out rapidly, making a low pressure zone in the middle of the explosion. Air rushes back in to fill this area, making the smaller "pinched" area that looks like the mushroom stalk.

What do you call the explosion called from an atomic bomb?

a nuclear explosion

Will chickens survive a nuclear bomb?

Noboby can survive a nuclear bomb if he is within explosion distance.

What type of cloud results from an atomic bomb explosion?

a radioactive fallout cloud

What happens when a atomic bomb explodes?

When an atomic bomb explodes it forms a mushroom cloud, the explosion gives off EMP or Electro Magnetic Pulse, the explosion is huge and can destroy so much for miles, and the explosion gives off huge amounts of radiation so if you survive the explosion you can suffer or die from the radiation after the bomb blew up.

How is a nuclear explosion triggered?

A nuclear explosion from a warhead can be triggered by the impact of the bomb hitting something else or by a chemical reaction happening inside the bomb.

How big of an explosion can a nuclear bomb make?


What happens when a nuclear bomb is detonated?

There is a huge explosion.

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