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Q: Why does a patient have to take a deep breath and hold it during a chest xray?
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What will happen to our chest size when we take a deep breath?

Our chest will expand.

What does poor degree of inspiration mean?

It means that the reading of the chest x-ray is limited because the patient did not take a deep full breath.

Do the patient have to cough and deep breath after thoracentesis?


How do you do you calm peoples chest?

keep your deep breath and blow out

When counting a patients respiration's how should the patient be breathing?

tries to breath evenly

Is it common to have a heart pain everytime you deep breathe?

No, it is not normal to have chest pain when taking a deep breath, this is a possible sign of pneumonia or asthma and needs to be checked by a doctor.The one exception to this is trying to take a deep breath when the weather is very cold.

When was Deep Breath created?

Deep Breath was created in 2003.

What is the duration of Deep Breath?

The duration of Deep Breath is 1.43 hours.

How not to laugh during a presentation?

either bite ur tounge, or the inside of your cheek. Hold your breath until u hav to breath then breath and hold your breath, when talking frown or take deep breaths :-)

Is not being able to take a deep breath considered shortness of breath?

Not being able to take a deep breath is not always considered shortness of breath. If you are exerting yourself, where you need more air but can't take a deep breath, you would have a shortness of breath.

When was One Deep Breath created?

One Deep Breath was created on 2002-02-14.

What is it when your chest hurts when you breath deep?

well i have the same thing and my mom said it may just be that you have gass so just wait till tomarrow and see how it feels.