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It may have an auto-boot function.

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Q: Why does a program on a PC keep rebooting after you have shut it down?
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How do you get behind windows to clean out a virus that has shut down your web browser?

try rebooting the computer or take it to a pro

When NASA shut down?

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Is the space program shut down.?


When did the space shuttle program shut down?


What is the opposite of reboot?

Keep running. Do not shut down.

Is mp3rocket shut down?

no it is not shut down i know this for a fact because when i search up on Google the download website still shows up and i have the program so it is not shut down i hope this will help you people that are confused if it was or not

Why do you have to keep signing into your Hotmail account?

press keep me signed in and it will keep you signed in even when you shut down your computer :)

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Can you shut down the computer while its downloading something from itunes?

Shutting down a computer while downloading any software, games, videos, music, etc. may result in it not downloading properly. After rebooting the computer, try again.

How do you reboot your computer?

Rebooting is the process of shutting down and restarting your computer again. All you have to do is click the Start button / pearl, and select "Shut down." You will be prompted with a list of power options, including Shut down (turn the power off) and Restart (momentarily turns computer off and then back on). To reboot, simply select the Restart option.

What did LimeWire do?

LimeWire was a program that let people copy music illegally. That is why it was shut down.

Program to shut down a PC in c?

#include <windows.h> ... ExitWindowsEx (EWX_POWEROFF, SHTDN_REASON_FLAG_PLANNED);

Will reboot delete files?

No it will not. Rebooting or restarting a computer will not delete files unless you reboot it via a hard shut down by pulling the plug or holding the power button until the machine dies.

Your icons on your desktop are white except internet explorer and you cant open files What is happening?

Try rebooting your system; or shut it down for a minute and turn it on again to see if this clears up the problem.

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Is the space shuttle program over?

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How to shut down windows?

Click on Start, Shut Down and then Shut Down.

Can the security scan still operate if the computer is shut down?

No, it will not keep scanning.

How to shut down the shut down panel BioShock?

You just shut down computer

What will you do if your PC makes sound then it will shut down?

my PC often does this and i have had it for years it just does it for no reason and t hasn't broken on me so i would try and keep it muted when you shut it down

What is past tense of shut down?

Shut is an irregular verb the past is the same shut, so the past of shut downis the same shut down.They shut down the factory at 6:00pm everyday -- present.They shut down the factory late yesterday. -- past.Shut downis a phrasal verb. It has two parts shut and down but they act as a single word.

88 samurai tries to keep running after shut off?

Turn the idle down.

What does pressing control alt delete do?

Pressing the control, alt and delete button at the same time shuts down the computer. It is often used when a computer freezes. It is not a safe way to shut down a computer, but upon rebooting, a scan may be ran to insure safety.

What to do if your laptop freezes?

If it is a windows use the Ctrl, Alt, and delete keys at the same time. It will bring up program manager with a menu that will have several items on it. You can "unfreeze" it by ending a program or you can shut it down. If it is Apple go up to your Apple Icon at the top of your screen and highlight "shut down."