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It has a program on it, kind of like an alarm. Go to the settingsto fix it.

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Q: Why does a television turn on by itself?
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Related questions

If a TV has not been programmed to turn what can make it turn on by itself?

Somebody else's remote control.

Does the TV's indica?

Does the TV's indicator light come on or blink when you turn on the tv from the remote? Have you tried to turn the tv on from the TV itself (not using the remote)? You can try turning it on from the TV itself (the on/off buttons on an LCD/LED/Plasma are generally found on the side, or the back of the tv, near a side).

Can't turn on LG television?

unplug it. usually that works. it gives the tv a chance to reboot itself

What makes your RCA tv switch off and on by itself?

Go into the menu and look at the SLEEP TIMER. Also if the set is getting too hot it might turn itself off to protect itself. Add a cooling fan.

Why does television turn itself off?

if it is a plasma the plasma tube is going out if its a normal or flatscreen have the bulb checked or changed

Why does my Xbox turn itself off when I turn my television off?

You may have something of a one-way router, my friend has that. His dad can on the computer, but then he has to shut his Xbox off. Something of that sort.

How can a tv turn itself on when no one is there?

how can a tv turn itself on when no one is home you either set a timer for your tv to be shut off before you left or your house is haunted. those are the two options. I, too, am baffeled at the fact that my tv has been doing this for a week now. I will put my kids to bed and the hubby goes to work. between 8:30 and 8:45pm every night the tv will turn itself on and there is no one in the room at all. It doesn't matter what channel i have had it on prior to turning it off it will always be on channel 3 USA. Does anyone out there have an explanation for this? this is weirding me out. there is no timer or time set on this tv at all.

Why does your LED TV keeping turn itself off?

I had the same problem. I called in someone to fix it but he said its just the way the cable is made

Why does my tv turn on by itself and change channels?

Chances are that someone nearby has a similar TV or is using a remote on similar settings... or could be as a result of damp or humid air messing with the components

Why would a 3 year old Samsung TV turn itself off occasionally?

Atv that turns itself off could be several reasons a dry soldier over heating on the pcb board or a faulty or worn on/off connection button.

Does excessive heat turn a television off by itself?

It's possible - A TV remote works by using beams of infra-red light to communicate with the receiver in the TV. If sunlight falling on the receiving sensor matches the frequency of the remote, it can turn the set off. It happened to my old TV a few times - until I changed the position of the set !

Why does my TV turn off by itself?

It can be loose your television set plug. It can be the settings on your television. Televisions now have power saving modes which mean that when you have not changed a channel or adjusted the volume or the tv gets a close down signal from a tv station then your tv will switch off in to stand by mode.

What is the duration of Fear Itself TV series?

The duration of Fear Itself - TV series - is 2520.0 seconds.

How do you get picture on your ps2 after you turn it off?

If you mean how do you get a TV show on your TV after you turn off your PS2 you must turn your TV to cable or Ant

Why do you have to turn on your VCR to turn on your TV?

If a person has to turn on their VCR in order to turn on the TV, then the VCR is working as the input and the output. If you do not want this to happen, disconnect the cables from the VCR and directly connect them to the TV.

Why TV automatically turn off soon after turn on?

tv problemtv is broken a plug is not plugged in or you watched a lot and it needs rest. Check the menu, look for the SLEEP TIMER, it could be turned on or the TV is getting to TOO HOT and turning itself off which is what it suppose to do. Is it near a hot spot near a heat source? Set up a fan to blow on it for a test.

When did Fear Itself - TV series - end?

Fear Itself - TV series - ended on 2009-01-30.

When was Fear Itself - TV series - created?

Fear Itself - TV series - was created on 2008-06-05.

How do you turn off volume on a dish network remote?

There are two ways to get turn off the volume with a DISH remote. The remote would need to be addressed to the TV itself. You can press the 'Mute' button which is generally on the top left hand side of the remote, and you can press the volume down button to make it quieter.

You try to turn on your tv and it wont turn on the red light is on but the tv will not turn on how do you fix this?

try to check the horizontal transistor

What is wrong with a tv if as soon as you turn it on it turns right back off?

Most newer TV's run a quick self diagnostic when you turn them on and if anything's not right, it'll shut itself down to protect the rest of the electronic circuitry. Then if you look at the indicator light, it should flass a sequnce of flashes with is the diagnostic trouble code.You didn't specify which type of TV it was, so there's not much more I could add without knowing more.

How do you make your sister turn off the TV?

Say "sister, turn the TV off" !

Direct tv HD box and your remote will only turn it off and turn the volume up and it is a sansui tv?

my direct tv hd remote won't work for changing the channel just turn it on and off and turn the volume up

Can you record from a HDTV and turn the tv off?

NO, when you turn off the TV, the output of the TV will also go off.

How do you turn off a tv?

you have to be kidding me. you turn it off with either the remote or the butten on the TV. are you that stupid???