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if it is back firing out of the carb, and wont completley turn over then you may have a head gaskett problem shaunna 586 738 1782

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Q: Why does an 87 GM S15 truck turn over and backfire out of the carb?
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Truck not firing enough?

what is wrong when the truck just turn over and want start.

Why does a 1972 Chevy truck shut off on a turn?

Check for vacuum leaks. It sounds like the carb may need to be adjusted.

Why won't My truck will not turn over when I turn the key?

Your truck will not turn over when the key is turned if the battery is dead, the ignition switch has failed, or the starter is bad. All can be readily repaired at a local mechanic or dealership.

Your truck will turn over but will not start?

Check your fuel filter

Why does a car turn off after a backfire?

it doesn't or it shouldent'

What causes an engine not to turn over?

Truck will click when you turn the key over it ran another battery dead by trying to jump start

Why does a riding lawnmower backfires when you turn it off and how can you stop it?

That is caused by too much gas getting into the engine after the key is turned off. If the mower is new enough to have a anti-backfire solenoid on the bottom of the carb then it must not be working. If it is an older mower and doesn't have one then the carb needs adjusting to back off the amount of gas.

What would cause your 97 Honda Accord to turn over and backfire?

Engine timing is VERY retarded. My first guess: the distributor clamp has loosened.

Is turn around and backfire the same?

Yes, they have the exact same meaning.

What is wrong if car starts to turn over then won't but turns over after several tries?

My truck has the kill switch the kind that is a long little switch the thing is it is on the postion but the truck still is not turing on. I replaced the ignition switch and have a new battery. How do I just remove this so that i can just turn on my truck, 1996 ford ranger.

Why won't my 1991 gmc k1500 truck not turn over?

why would you want to turn it over? you can use jacks, a light and a creeper to look at the bottom, less expensive too!

After your 85 Chevy caprice warms up than cut off and wait about a half hour or so than try to start it it take awhile to turn over it a 350 out of 96 truck and put a carb on it could somebody help yo?

Needs an ignition module

Key turn truck on but will not turn truck off?

Probably a bad ignition switch.

Why wont my caravan start i put gas in it rumbled and backfired died 4 times now it wont startwont turn over?

Check the timing in the caravan. It sounds like the timing has jumped, and the engine could backfire then not start, and could not even turn over.

Chevy 350 performance cam etc have tried to get the timing right but even after rechecking the chain all you get is a backfire through the carb help tried both normal and 180 out?

take out distriburtor and turn all the way around make sure number 1 cylinder is all the way up same thing happened to meAnswermine was actually the number 6 &8 spark plug wires were crossed made it backfire through the carb

92 Chevy Truck wont start or turn over?

There are several different reasons that a Chevy truck might not be turning over. You might be out of gas, your battery might be dead, or your starter might be bad.

Jump starting my truck won't turn over the engine?

Mybe your starter died. They are usually about $50

98 dodge ran truck will turn over but wont start?

Check fuel Check spark

Backfire when turned off?

It might be overfueled but it also might be just that when you turn the key off the motor runs on a bit and puts fuel into the hot exhaust and it ignites it and makes it backfire.

When i turn the ignition over it makes a clicking noise but it wont turn over or start. 1990 Chevy truck?

my first thought would be to check the starter . if you can tap on the starter and it starts after have a bad starter .

How do I Turn off headlights on 2000 Chevy silverado?

You can only do this in park ... Turn off your truck ,apply the parking brake and turn your truck back on .

When the low pressure warning is activated you should?

Pull over turn off the engine and get out of the truck and call your dispatcher.

What causes a truck not turn over Battery is 5 months old?

The most common reason for a vehicle not to turn over is a bad alternator. If the alternator is not charging the battery the engine will not start, regardless of the battery age.

Would a anti-backfire solenoid stop a 17.5 hp Briggs Stratton motor from turning over if defective?

No. It's purpose is only to prevent fuel from entering the main jet and emulsion tube. If it were defective, either the motor would occasionally backfire (stuck open) or not allow the motor to run (stuck closed). Either way, the motor would still turn over.

Last thing i did with was loaded it in the back of truck i stood it straight up on the back to lift it in the truck now it clicks almost turn over not batt starter stator 87 Suzuki 300 e quadrunner?

remove spark plug then turn engine over with starter...cylinder full of gas and oil

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