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An engine requires two components to run: # Spark # Fuel Depending on the Generation of Explorer and specific engine there are numerous individual components to consider. We will cover a few basic items in this article.

* Make sure there is spark at the end of the spark plug wires (This is easiest to do in a dark place) * If there is no spark then there may be a problem with the coil pack or plug wires.

* Fuel Pressure *# If this is a carbureted model check for fuel in the carburetor. If there is no fuel check the fuel pressure to see if the fuel pump is operating properly. *# If this is a Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Check the schrader valve on the fuel rail for pressure. *# To check the fuel pump, turn the ignition to the RUN position, but do not start. There should be a buzzing sound from the back for about 2 seconds, then it will shut off (this is the fuel pump pressurizing the system). If there is no sound, the fuel pump inertia switch, located behind the kick plate on the passengers side, may need to be reset. *# You may need your wires checked as a short may cause the fuel pump to not run.

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Q: Why does an engine turn over but not start in a Ford Explorer All Models?
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