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I'm guessing it's because butane is an alkane, which means it only consists of single bonds, so you can't form a geometric isomer because it will be the isomer no matter how you change it.

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What is different for the butane and methylpropane?

Butane is an unbranched hydrocarbon and methylpropane is a branched isomer of butane.

Why does butane not have any geometric isomers?

Butane does not have any asymmetric carbon atoms.

Is Glucose and Fructose a geometric isomer?

Nope. They are structural isomers.

What molecule is H10C04?

There's no such molecule; elements cannot combine that way. If you meant H10C4, then it's a structural isomer of butane. (Butane or 2-methylpropane.)

Isomer of 2-methyl-1-cloro propane?

1-chloro butane 2-chloro butane 2-chloro 2-methyl propane i think that's it.

Define isomers write ismores of butane?

An isomer refers to 2 or more compounds that have the same formula but different arrangements of atoms. Isomers of butane include 1-methylpropane, ethylethane and 1,2-dimethylethane.

What has the author Joanne C Krupa written?

Joanne C. Krupa has written: 'Geometric isomer discrimination capabilities of serine proteases'

Which is the most stable geometric isomer of dibenzalacetone?

The trans, trans isomer is the most stable. (E,E) This is due to sterics. If you draw out all three isomers (trans,trans ; cis,trans ; and cis,cis) it is easy to see why.

How do you draw an isomer of butane?

Try branching with 4 C atoms: (ignore the dots; they're only 'place holders'): C-C-C . .|. . . .C. .

What is the molecular formula of C4 H10?

C4H10 is the molecular formula for Butane. Butane has two possible *structural formulas* which describe the way in which the molecule is constructed. n-Butane has the condensed structural formula of CH3CH2CH2CH3. In this isomer of Butane each Carbon is bonded to another forming a chain with Hydrogens bonded to each of the carbons, 3 to the Carbon on each end, and 2 to each Carbon in the center. Isobutane has the condensed structural formula of CH(CH3)3. In this isomer, 3 Carbons are bonded to a single Carbon atom in the center of the molecule. The outer Carbons have 3 Hydrogens bonded to them, and the center Carbon has 1 Hydrogen bonded to it.

Why does butane have a higher melting point than 2 methylpropane?

The geometric structure of butane allows closer packing between molecules than can be achieved with 2-methylpropane, increasing the total van der Waal's forces in the butane solid and raising its melting point compared with that of 2-methylpropane.

What is tetracarbon decahydride?

Its a hydrocarbon consisted of 4 carbon atoms and 10 hydrogen atoms.Actually, its the un-preferred (but accepted by IUPAC) name of butane - a type of alkane. The name ''tetracarbon decahydride'' also may correspond to isobutane - an isomer of butane (its molecule is constructed by the same quantity and type of atoms but these atoms are bonded differently).

What is the difference between butane and isobutane?

They are both C4H10 but isobutane has another structure, called Isomer Butane: Isobutane: H H H H H H H H-C-C-C-C-H H-C-C-C-H H H H H HHCHH H Isobutane comes in Y shape not in series as n-butane. In refineries, they transform n-butane to iso-buatene. So, they can use it in alkaline units to produce gasoline

What is the name of C4H8?

There is not one particular name but six possible isomer of C4H8 with different names:but-1-ene, CH2=CH-CH3-CH3E-but-2-ene, CH3-CH=CH-CH3 (trans isomer)Z-but-2-ene, CH3-CH=CH-CH3 (cis isomere)2-methylpropene CH2=C(-CH3)2(1-4)cyclo-butane (-CH2-)4,ringmethyl-cyclo-propane or (1-3)cyclo-butane

Is cacl2 an isomer?

No. CaCl2 is neither ans isomer, nor does it have isomers.

What is the isomer of ethanol?

Ethanol has no structural isomer because of its short chain

Atomic mass of butane?

Butane is not a element. Butane has a molar mass.

How many chain isomers are there in butane?

Butane C4H10 exists in two isomeric forms ,n-butane and Iso-butane

An isomer of a compound with the formula c2h6 would have the formula?

C2H6 and isomer would have the same simple chemical formula. In the case of this molecule though, an isomer is not possible.

Is ethanol a structural isomer?

Yes. Ethanol is a structural isomer of dimethyl ether. CH3OCH3.

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