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I am going to guess that you are talking about a ceiling paddle fan with remote control (the remote being either hand-held or in the wall box) The click sound you are hearing is likely the click of the relay in the electronic control module inside the ceiling fan. This module contains the actual power relay that turns the power on and off. There is one relay for the fan and another for the light. When you press the on-off buttons on the remote, it sends a radio signal to the control module and activates the relay. You can't hear the radio signal but you hear the relay click.

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What is a sentence using electric power?

The electric power has been turned off, for the time being.

Who invented electric power and the light bulb?

Thomas Alva Edison invented the electric light bulb. Nikola Tesla was one of the primary contributors to inventing electric power.

What type of energy is neculcear power turned into?

Heat then - into Electric energy

What are the steps in installing a wall sconce with an electric light?

Installing a wall scone with an electric light can be an easy process. First the power must be turned off to prevent electric shock. Then a hole should be cut to fit the fixture and expose the wires. Match up the correct wires to the light then place the sconce in the wall. Secure the sconce with glue or nails and test the light connections.

What are the minimum requirements for an electric circuit that will make a light bulb glow?

The minimum requirements for an electric circuit that will make a light bulb glow is a power source and conductors from the power source to the light bulb.

How does power continue to a light if the switch is turned off?

plug it in

What type of magnet can be turned of and on?

Electromagnets have an electric current running through them that enables there conductive power to be strengthened. However, a magnets full conductive power can never be "turned off/on".

What is an example of an energy matter interaction?

an interaction is when you play an instrument. your mechanical energy can be turned into sound energy when you play. another one is when you use electric energy to power a fan or bulb. the electric energy will turn to heat and light.(this is for the bulb)

What is the source of light in Norway?

Mostly hydro electric power

What type of power does light uses?

Lights can run on electric power, gas or acetylene.

When was electricity used to power the light bulb?

The first electric light bulb was made in 1880

What does the power rating on a light bulb describe?

It describes the amount of electric power the bulb uses.

Do Gensets use mechanical power while running?

No. they use chemical energy, that gets turned into mechanical energy, that gets turned into electric energy.

What does a photocell do?

photo cell convert light energy into electric power

When did Thomas Edison invent the electric light power station?


Who is inventions led to electric power?

Edison invented the light bulb.

What has the author Louis Bell written?

Louis Bell has written: 'The art of illumination' -- subject(s): Lighting, Photometry 'Electric power transmission, a practical treatise for practical men' -- subject(s): Electric power distribution 'The absolute wave-length of light' -- subject(s): Light, Wave-length 'Electric power transmission' -- subject(s): Electric power distribution

Explain how electric power and electrical energy are related?

Electrical energy is converted to light energy in light bulbs while electric power is the rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form of energy which is electric power.AnswerPower is simply the rate at which energy is consumed or transferred. Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as 'electrical', or any other type of, power. Power is simply a 'rate'.

What kind of LED bulb - with a decent amount of light - produces the least heat?

The amount of light produced is measured in lumens, while the electric power used is measured in watts. An old-type 100 watt incandescent bulb produces about 1200 lumens. The same amount of light can be produced by a 70-watt halogen bulb, a 20 watt CFL bulb or a 15 watt LED. The power that is not turned into light is turned into heat instead.

Is the power light on psp supposed to blink after being turned off?

Yes it is.

What is the function of light wire?

To carry the electric power to a light . . OR . . it's wire that is not too heavy to carry.

What will cause 4x4 switch not to work When turned to 4high or low-nothing happensneither do it light up showing 4 high or low-How can it be checked?

you have an electric motor on the transfer case unplug it and see if you have power going to it if you do the electric motor needs replaced

What do solar cells turn light into?

It comes out as direct-current electric power.

When a computer is turned off what is computer doing?

When a computer is turned off it is:running any external lights (e.g. battery status light or power light on a laptop)waiting for a user to press the power buttonI pretty sure nothing

How did electric power change people's lives?

Electric power made life more convenient for many people. Instead of lighting a candle, people can just turn on a light.