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That's because electricity isn't stored. It's possible in principle to store electrical energy, for example in capacitors, but that would be very expensive.

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Q: Why does electricity need to be produced at the very same time it is needed?
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Does hydroelectric energy need special processing?

Electricity is electricity and is handled in the same manner no matter what source produced it.

How does industrial electricity work?

You need to be more specific. Electricity works the same everywhere -- voltage and current are used to do work.

What runs on hydroelectricity?

Hydroelectricity is just the same as any electricity, which runs heating, lighting, power and transport. It is called hydroelectricity because it is produced by falling water.

What did Benjamin Franklin prove?

Many, many, many things. He is most famous for discovering electricity and inventing bifocals, the Franklin stove, and the lightning rod.

What is alternating electricity?

same as DC electricity

What kind of hook-ups are necessary to do cooking in concession trailers?

Concession trailers nearly always use gas for the cooking. This alleviates the need for electricity which might not be available. They usually have a generator which will either run on gasoline or the same natural gas which you use to cook with.The generators would basically charge a number of batteries which would provide the electricity needed if external electricity wasn't available.

Is heat and electricity the same?

no, they are not the same

Do you need WiFi to get manaphy?

No. The two DSs needed for the transfer can simply be in the same room.

Is battery and electricity same?

No Electricity is electricity and it is made in different ways of which a battery is one

Why is your email address needed for MySpace?

Same reason you need an address to receive mail. It's how myspace contacts you if they need to.

Is watt and electricity the same?

No. Watt is the measurement of how much electricity.

What can electricity from solar power be used for?

Electricity from solar power is the same as electricity from a coal-burning power plant. It's all the same, and it can be used to power anything that runs on electricity.