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Broken motor mount

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pto drive shaft

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Q: Why does engine tilt when changing gears in automatic transmission?
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What does inhibitor switch do?

Inhibitor switch reduces engine power to avoid shock while automatic transmission changing gears

Why is my automatic transmission not changing gears?

Check fluid level Change fluid and filter Bring to a transmission shop

Why does car jump when changing gears with automatic engine?

You may have wear in your transmission causing line pressure too be to high, or you may have broken mounts.

Does a 125cc semi automatic Chinese quad need transmission oil?

No. The gears are integrated within the engine so the gears share the engine oil.

Why does an automatic transmission jerk while changing gears?

The "lockup torque converter" could be engaging too soon. Take it to a transmission shop to have it diagnosed.

Why will an Achieva automatic transmission stop changing gears if the fluid level is normal?

There are many reasons. Take it to a trans shop.

Why can't you shift gears on a 2000 VW Jetta with a automatic transmission?

You can't shift gears on an automatic transmission because, as it is called, it's automatic! You don't need to shift, it does it for you. == == Maybe the question should be "Why is my automatic transmission not shifting through gears for me as it should?" Could it be a fairly simlpe fix or am I losing my transmission? Yeah Dopey!

When you accelerate in a car why does the car change quickly between gears?

If it is an automatic transmission, the speed of the engine (in rpm) is what makes the gears change. Accelerate too much and it will fly up through the gearbox when it is not supposed to. If it is a manual transmission, the gears shouldn't change without the clutch being depressed and you manually changing gear; at most, it will simply disengage and cease turning the wheels.

What is the most common thing among convertibles?

The most common thing on convertibles (the vehicle) is that most of them have automatic transmission when driving. So instead of manually changing gears, it's automatic.

Why would a 1997 Chevy Cavalier rev up before changing gears and change gears to much?

In an automatic transmission this usually means the trany is low on fluid or the trany has internal problems.

What does it mean when check engine light is on and 2004 dodge stratus automatic can accelerate but engine does not change gears?

Problem with the transmission. You need to have the transmission computer checked for codes to know a possible cause.

What does the transmission control solenoid do?

Based on information that is generated within the transmission and other sensors in the engine, the solenoid (or any one of them) controls certain functions of the transmission such as changing gears.

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