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your lift struts are weak

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โˆ™ 2008-08-06 03:41:55
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Q: Why does hatchback open slowly when it's cold out?
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How do you open hatchback or trunk on Mercury Villager?

Pull the latch.

How do you open a hatchback of a Suzuki Aerio when the latch is jammed?

Pry the latch out with a screwdriver at its side and open hatchback as usual. I used WD40 to keep it from jamming but after winter it got stuck again...

How do you open the hood of a 2001 ford explorer that is frozen?

Slowly pour a few pitchers of cold water on the cracks

Pontiac Firebird hatchback. How do you open it.?

what do you mean how do you open it? You either use your key or you push the yellow button on the dash.

Where is the location of the spare tire?

open the hatchback, there should be a door in the trunkfloor its under that door

How can you open blocked ears due to cold?

well, i usually pop them open or I've noticed recently that applying a little vapour rub (vicks) around the ear and gently in the canal can allow them to slowly open.

How do you open the hatchback on a VW Touareg?

There is a button underneath the rear windshield wiper blade, similar to the button used to open the rear door.

How do you change a crank sensor on a Renault laguna 2.0 hatchback?

4lb lump hammer and a 9inch cold chisel.

Does gas particles move slowly?

yes because if the gas is cold it moves slowly

Does iron react in cold water?

Iron will slowly rust in cold water.

How much does a hatchback weigh?

depends on what hatchback

How do you open a VW Beetle with an alarm?

Start the car with the trunk (hatchback) and driver's door open. The alarm will be deactivated. I don't know how to turn it back on.

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