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He wants to marry you because he is suffering from 'cogonitive disonance'. He is probabbly trying to justify his actions of cheating you by marrying you.

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Q: Why does he want to marry me after i found out he cheated on me twice?
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Can you marry the same person twice?

Yes. It is possible to marry the same person twice with or without divorcing them in between. There are some situations where you might want to remarry someone you're already married to.

If you cheated on your boyfriend and told him immediately and he cheated for revenge but lied to you and you found out two days later from a friend should you dump him?

If you want to but remember, you did the same to him.

How do you prove you can be trusted again when you cheated on that person twice?

"just keep on saying your sorry and promise you'll nevber do it again" -previous answer ahahaha no. I'm guessing if you cheated on that person TWICE, and you want to date that person AGAIN, there's a reason why you cheated in the first place. If you cheated because it was too boring, then there's one reason (for example). If you just want that person to trust you again, then just don't share secrets. Make sure that if you guys hang out, you are there ON TIME, not LATE, or else that person will never trust you again.

I was cheated on five times then we married i havent been cheated on yet but i want out?

Its your choice if you want out and being cheated on 5 times must have caused a trust issue so if you want a divorce its all up to you

You are engaged and now you come to know she was cheating on you the second time?

That you know of. She cheated once and you gave her the benefit of the doubt and trusted her enough to ask her to marry you. But she cheated again. Do you really want to stay engaged to and actually marry a girl who may cheat again? I would personally break it off and find someone who values relationships too much to betray them.

What do you do when you found out your wife cheated on you?

you should come clean and tell them what you saw if they go strait out you might if you want give him or her a second chance.

On harvestmoon ds i tried to get muffy to marry me but she said no i found ou that you had to do heart events and don't think i did any i still want to marry her what do i do?

Reload your game? If you saved after she said no... Then you can try getting the requirements and try again I suppose, I don't think it would work though, but try it anyway. Or you can try marrying another girl. Requirements to marry: rescued 60 harvest sprites have upgraded your house twice and got the big bed done all heart events and the girl you want to marry is at a red heart.

Why did you want to kill the Tiger?

because he cheated on you

Should you forgive an ex because they want to be with you and they still love you even though they cheated?

If they love you they would not have cheated.

Would you want your spouse back after he cheated on you?

yes. you have to have them.

How do you say i want to marry you in German?

I want to marry you = ich will Dich heiraten

I want to marry you in different languages?

Will you marry me

Do Amish marry non-Amish?

If they want to continue to live in the Amish community, the Amish marry within their faith.

Do I confess to my girlfriend that I have cheated?

No, until you have married you are both still looking, however having cheated, is she really the one you want.

Marry for 12 years husband cheated several times and with one woman they had a child you can seem to get over it and you don't want to face it either?

If he cheated, move on. He isn't worth sobbing about. "Don't let your history control your past" is a quote I say a lot. Read The Noticer by Andy Andrews it might change you.

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i want Samuel Moore to marry me he is so cute! by melody bright

You have cheated on your boyfriend if you tell him he will tell you to leave you are thinking about just leaving it is not fair to him?

He will leave & you deserve it. YOU CHEATED ON HIM. It's not fair to him to be cheated on without knowing & it's unfair for you to leave HIM because YOU cheated. Cheating, if you want to cheat then face the consequences.

Do parents still try to get there child to marry who they want them to marry?

in other countries they still do but not here, you can love and marry whoever you want

What if my boyfriend cheated on me?

If your boyfriend has cheated on you you'd probably want to break up with him. And if you're not over him in two months, ask him out again.

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