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The reason why ice will float on the surface of water is because ice has less density than water.

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Q: Why does ice float on the surface of water-?
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What type of water is most likely to float on the surface of the ocean?

Ice is a form of water that will float on the surface of the ocean.

Ice is heavier than water or not?

Ice is lighter (less dense) than water. Which is why ice can float on the surface of water.

Why ice can float on water surface?

because you touch yourself at night

Does ice float or sinks in water explain their reasons?

Ice is expanded water, so is less dense that the water it floats in. Being less dense, and so lighter, the ice will float on water with at least one third (approximately) above the surface

Why does an ice cube not float?

Ice cubes do float on water.

Do ice float in water?

yes, ice does float in water. it will eventually melt and change into water.

Ice float on top of water?

Ice float on water because the density is lower.

Why ice is float in water?

The reason why ice will float in water is because ice is not as dense as water, therefore, it floats.

Why water is the only substance when freeze float on the surface of water?

Because the volume of frozen water (Ice) is more than in the liquid form. therefore an ice cube replaces more water hence it floats on the surface of water.

Do ice cubes in water float or sink?

They float, as ice is less dense than water.

What happens when ice and patrol are in the same container?

when ice and petrol are in same container ,ice will float on the surface of petrol, because ice is a frozen form of water .As water floats on oil it can not mix in it.

Ice cubes float in water cause they are less what?

Ice is less dense than water, so ice will float.

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