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My mountaineer does the same thing when there is high humidity or it has rained alot. Once things dry out it is ok again. It must be a loose wire or faulty door switch that is humidity sensitive.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-16 20:55:10
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Q: Why does key in ignition warning and radio stay on after key is removed in a 97 Mountaineer?
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Disable ignition warning chime in Chevrolet?

Pull the key out just a little and the chime will stop. It may be controlledfrom the radio

Where is the radio fuse in the 1999 Mercury Mountaineer?

where is the radio fuse in a 1999 mercury mountaineer

Why is the radio fuel gauge and power windows not working on 2004 mercury mountaineer?

fuel gauge not working and power windows and radio.2004 mercury mountaineer.

How do you fix the display on the radio of a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer?

Take it to the radio shop.

How can you get radio code free for mercury mountaineer 2005?

i reconnected my battery of mountaineer 2005 and radio is asking for code, i wasnt able to find it any to solve this issue

Where is the chime for the backup warning located on a Rendezvous?

There is no actual "chime" for the backup warning. The chime is generated by the radio just like the "KEY IN IGNITION" or the "HEADLAMPS ON" chime. The Rear Parking Assist Moudle sends a signal to the BCM which requests the proper chime for the Radio to produce in the speaker(s).

Why does my 1997 gmc jimmy shuts off while driving?

if no warning and it just shuts down but dash lights and radio light up check ignition switch

Where is the gem module on a 1997 mercury mountaineer?

behind the radio, to the left

How do you remove the original radio in a 2001 Mercury Mountaineer?

For the 2001 Mercury Mountaineer, you will need a flat tool to remove the stereo cover. You must remove and disconnect the various connectors before removing the radio itself.

Why do some car radios stay on even after the car has been turned off?

This mainly depends on the way the radio is wired into the car. If the radio is wired to a permanent live it will stay on when the key is removed, If the radio is wired to an ignition or an accessory circuit the radio will go off when the key is removed. Some radios have the facility to stay on for 20 minutes after the key is removed, Fiat Panda is a good example of this.

In what ways is radio communications useful in case of a disaster?

provides warning provides warning provides warning

How do you put the radio antenna down on a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

it doesn't go down.

Where can you find a free online 2003 mercury mountaineer radio wiring diagram?

Malibu maxx radio removal?

The radio in a Malibu Maxx can be removed by dismantling the dashboard panel. The radio will need to be disconnected from the wiring before it is removed from its mount.

What would cause the time on the radio to stay on when the truck is turned off?

The radio time would stay on if you had the keys in the ignition but the ignition was only turned halfway.

Acura radio removal?

The stock radio in an Acura needs to be taken to a shop to be removed, if you do not have any automotive training. The dashboard has to be removed to be able to take the radio out.Ê

Why does radio reset when remove ignition key?

because you have the constant power and the ignition power crossed

What would cause radio in 2005 ford focus to come on with key out of ignition?

Is it an "after-market" radio? It sounds like it was wired to a "hot" terminal that is not controlled by the ignition switch.

What causes ignition problems?

I just baught 2004 toyota tacoma and radio didn't work. The radio worked after I replaced a 15AM burned fuse, later I noticed the key got stuck in the ignition which wasn't a problem before i replaced the burned fuse. The only way I got the key out of the ignition was after a removed the newly installed fuse. Now every time i wanna listen to music i have to plug back the 15AM fuse, and unpluge it to remove it from ignition,, good exercises lol.

How do you remove the original radio in a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

You need a special tool. Take it to most businesses that installs radio,s and they should have the tool.

Where is the stock radio antenna located on a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer?

Its on the right side of the hood. It runs under the hood and through the firewall to the back of the radio

How do you remove radio on mercury mountaineer?

i have mercury mountaineer 2004 i remove first the cover around the radio is a press ion when you remove you have to take 4 screw 2 in left 2 in right them put in front slow them disconnected the harness and antenna .

Where is the stop lite failure unit on a 89 xjs?

The radio face plate is removed by removing both climate control knobs, then the nuts are removed CCW from the shafts. The radio should be loose and slide forward until clear. Warning*- The gear shift should be out of park in d1, so park level w/ emerg. brake on!

Does ignition coil affect car radio?

If your radio's reception is shoddy, you probably have a bad ground.

Why can you hear your car accelerate and decelerate through your radio?

Cause theelectronic ignition system emits radio waves, the speed of ignition is related to how many rpm´s the engine makes and therebye related to the frequency of the radio-waves your radio detects.