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Why does kitchen sink water tap gives shock sometimes?

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September 13, 2011 11:56PM

It may just be static

The faucet is grounded. Were you shuffling across carpet before this happened? Turn off the lights when this happens. If you can see a spark it is static. If the shock persists if you touch (just brush, don't grab) the faucet it is a line fault.

Or not

My word but that's scary. I had a refrigerator that did that, it wasn't properly grounded. In this case I think that maybe you have a wire that's rubbed against a copper pipe in a wall somewhere creating a bare spot and sending small amounts of electricity through the tap. Not good and hard to find. It could also be that your electrical system is not properly grounded to your plumbing system and you have a short somewhere that's bleeding to ground and the copper pipe is carrying it to the metal sink. Either way a qualified electrician should be called. Even small amounts of electricity are dangerous, particularly in or around water.