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Mitochondria are found spread throughout the cell and also divide independently so when the cell divides they will still be spread evenly through the cell

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Dye particles spread out evenly through a container of water due to diffusion.

when molecules of a substance are evenly spread, they are at a atate of equilibrium.That would be the definition of the word Equilibrium.

Evenly spread out through the country.

If it is not spread out evenly, it is called a heterogeneous mixture,

mix conditioner with cinnamon and evenly spread it through your hair

A solution. A "solution" is not a process. The process of particles spreading evenly through a mixture is called dispersion or diffusion.

Occurs when molecules of one substance is spread evenly through out another substance

In a homogeneous mixture particles are spread evenly.


Yes, homogeneous mixture particles are spread evenly throughout the mixture, like lemonade.

A gas will fill up a space until it is evenly spread through out that space.

It's relatively evenly spread through the winter, with the most coming in January and February.

A solution is a mixture of two or more subsatnces uniformly disspresed. The meaning of dispressed is:to spread through evenly

Diffusion; to spread out evenly into water or airmolecules spread out from area of HIGH conc to area of LOW consuntil spread out evenlyEquilibrium : balance achieved between forces causing the stuff to spreadheat usually, hotter gives faster diffusionConcentration Gradient: gradual change in the amount of material dissolvedspread from higher to lower until evenly diffused

salt water contains small particles that have moved so they are evenly spread through the mixture.

No, they are not spread evenly. They are concentrated in the center, forming what is called a nucleus. The cloud of electrons surrounds the nucleus.

Evenly dispersed means something is spread out evenly over an area or among people. Money can be evenly dispersed as well as liquid or matter can be evenly dispersed over a surface.

Not evenly spread around.

If they are "mixed" together, then yes it is a mixture. And from you saying "through" another material I suspect it is a mixture.

This process is called homogenisation. Cream is broken into tiny globules and distributed equally throughout the milk.

The process is called Diffusion. This is why when you spray air freshener in a room it will eventually fill it.

When gas molecules are spread out evenly throughout a space they are in equilibrium. This is because pressure is even, enthalpy is minimum and entropy is maximum.

They are always evenly spread in standard temperature pressure.