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Q: Why does my horse not like Mud?
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On Howrse what is mud fever?

mud fever is where your horse is sick from the pasture your horse could die from it

The quality of the soil on which the horse works is very important?

Yes it is! the horse can get mud fever if in thick mud!

What do horses smell like?

A horse smells like a horse. Umm... it smells better than a cow, but worse than a sheep, llama, or goat. A horse can smell good, like hay, or the outdoors. Or a horse can smell bad like mud, or manure from rolling.

Do zebras live in a swamp?

yes, they like to roll around in mud aswell to make themselves seem like a proper horse

What does Mud Fever cause?

Mud FeverOn a horse, it causes painful sores and scabs on its legs.

What is an okapi a mix of?

salad mud and horse droppings

What did World War I horses look like when they had mud on th em?

World War 1 horses when muddy looks like an muddy horse..

What are some good dirty joke?

a horse fell in the mud

If a horse has mud virus can their hind legs be paralyzed?


What color is a brown horse?

Wash the mud off him and find out yourself. :)

What is mud fever in horses?

Painful sores and scabs on the horse's legs

What is Gus' horse name in lonesome dove?

Mud Pie!

What does his mare floundered in mire mean?

His horse had difficulty walking in the mud.Basically, his horse had trouble running through mud.

Do horse like wet areas?

they like to be able to drink but if the whole area is wet mud could get stuck in their hooves and they might sink in the ground, so, in conclusion, no.

What can you give against mud fever?

to get rid of mud fever, you must wash off the mud from the horses legs and put on a barrier cream such as vaseline or udder cream. This will help but if possible keep the horse out of the Mud!

Why is mud pie called mud pie?

mud pie is called mud pie because it looks like pie and it is made of mud

4 - What is Thrush on a horse?

It's a foot condition that can make your horse go lame. It makes the hooves smell really bad and is caused by bacteria that thrive in the foot, because of too much dampness (like if your horse lives in mud).

What is the native tribe ozette eat?

horse seman and baby toenails with mud

What is a curry comb for a horse?

A curry comb is a grooming tool. It is used to get out the mud and packed in dirt on the horse. It is usually rubber.

What is a horse curry comb?

A curry comb is a grooming tool. It is used to get out the mud and packed in dirt on the horse. It is usually rubber.

What do you do if your horse on Howrse has mud fever?

Hiif your howrse has mud fever buy some antiseptic ointment for it, thanksBye Ginnybubblexo (add me on howrse)

What did Mesopotamian houses look like?

they were made out of mud and looked like mud pilesThe houses were made out of mud bricks, usually tan'ish color

How do you take a mud bath?

Just like the title says: you take a bath in mud. Like, you literally just sit there in a big tub of mud.

What is the most preffered horse coat color?

Well, personally i like black because it is so shiny, but i do like dapple grey. Grey is not a very good colour because you can see all the mud on your horse. I don't think there is a preffered horse colour!! Different people like different colours. Hope it helped a tiny bit!!

Why do elephants like to play in the mud?

Elephants play in mud to keep them cool.