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Why does my temporary internet cache reset from 128mb to 2285mb by itself?

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Is 1gb bigger than 128mb?

yes 1gb=8(128mb)

Is 128MB bigger than 2Gb?

2GB is 2048MB as such, 2GB is greater than 128MB.

Is 128MB memory on an apple ibook a little memory?

128mb is pretty low, but if your ibook runs on mac OS 9, then it is not that bad.

How many times do you have to have 4 K to equal 128 MB?

Assuming you know the difference between binary and decimal: Binary: 1024K = 1MB 128MB * 1024KB = 131072KB (KB's in 128MB) 131072KB / 4 = 32768 (4KB's in 128MB) Decimal: 1000K = 1MB 128MB * 1000KB = 128000KB (KB's in 128MB) 128000KB / 4 = 32000 (KB's in 128MB) If you don't know the difference between binary and decimal, binary is exact values, decimal is the way things are marketed. (IE: A hard drive is marketed as 80GB when in reality you only get 78.125GB)

Which is bigger 128mb or 256mb?

256 ofcourse.

How many g does 128MB?

0.25 GB

What is larger 64mb memory or 128mb ram?

The 128mb memory is larger because RAM is a type of memory and obviously 128 is more than 64.

What holds more photos 128MB or 32 GB?

Definitely 32 GB. If you turn GB into MB, it would basically be 128MB Versus 3200MB.

Can you use your Simm 8mb ram with the 128mb sdram?


What is 128mb ram?

It is exactly what it is - 128 MB of RAM.

What is the minimum amount of RAM for XP?

128MB of ram

The size of your USB flash drive decrease?


Which computer is fast a computer with prossesor speed of 550Mhz and 128Mb RAM or computer with processor speed of 550Mhz and 256Mb RAM?

computer with prossesor speed of 550Mh and 128Mb RAM

All ready 128MB Sdram is inside.I like to add one more old 128MB sdram how can i found virus free ram?

All RAM is virus-free.

What is advantage of using two 128MB over one 256MB?

you can put 2 128mb in dual channal mode, this theoretically doubles data throughput from the memory to the memory controller.

Is 80gb bigger than 128mb?

Yes 1Gb = 1000Mb

How many pictures will a 128mb ON A 12.1 MEGA PIX?

about 48

How many bytes of memory on a 128MB computer?

134217728 bytes

How many pictures go in 128mb Smartmedia?

A Smartmedia 128MB is a memory card. This memory can hold about 800 pictures on it. You can put about 20 minutes of videos on this memory card in place of the pictures.

What is the size of a flash memory stick?

Varies can be anywhere from 128mb to 16gb

Can you play call of duty 2 in 128Mb graphics card?


Is a Nvida GeForce4 MX4000 128mb Windows 7 aero compatible?


How many gigabytes equals 128347 KB?

Roughly 128MB, or 0.128GB

How much ram does iPhone 2g has?

Iphone 2g has 128mb ram

If a computer has 128MB of memory and you add 1GB how much memory will you have in all?