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You probably haven't been using those muscles that you don't use a hole lot of. You just need to keep doing your squats to build up those muscles so then after you do your squats... they won't hurt. Trust me... my arm is really sore from softball pitching... it's just because i haven't been using those muscles for awhile and i need to strengthen those muscles :D

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Q: Why does my thigh hurt after doing squats?
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How do you develop the outer thigh line that extends along the thigh from the hip to just above the side of the knee?

Doing squats help alot, and lunges :)

How do you build thigh muscle?


How do you get a good butt?

Squats and other leg and thigh exercises.

Inner outer thigh workout?

Some exercises you can try out for overall thigh muscle development are: * Squats * Hack squats * Leg press * Leg curls * Leg extension * Lunges

What is a gym exercise that will help to strengthen thigh muscles?

There are many exercise one can do at a gym that will help to strengthen thigh muscles. Examples include using the seated leg press, doing wall squats and lunges.

What are good thigh workouts?

Squats are good, as well as leg lifts.

How do you strength thigh muscles to walk up stairs?

lunges,squats,leg extentins

Why does your thigh hurt?


What is a squats?

Squats are an exercise position in which a person's knees are bent and the thigh and buttocks are close to touching the heels of the feet. This particular exercise works out the butt and thighs.

How do you develop bigger legs?

Do a lot of squats with heavy weight, do thigh curls, reverse thigh curls, use the seated sled and do calve raises.

Can you sprain your thigh?

You can not sprain your thigh. You may feel like you hurt your thigh bone but it is usually the muscle in your thigh is pulled

What are some recommended exercises to tone the inner thigh?

There are many recommended exercises to tone the inner thigh. These exercises include squats, leg lifts, ballet raise, standing thigh press and cross-stepping.

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