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Why does racism exist in wrestling?

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2008-04-06 18:21:56
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Vince McMahon puts the belt on a wrestler for only a few reasons and race is definatley not one of them. Whoever is the most popular or sells the most merchandise will have a good chance at being champ, as is a great heel who creates such a strong reaction that people will pay just to come boo him. Physically jacked up is another way Bobby Lashley has the ECW belt because he is jacked and last time I checked he's black and last time I checked Batista another jacked up guy is not white. ANSWER Like any other sports, wreslting does contain racism. But none that is shown in the public eye!!!! There will always be hatred and racism in everything in the world. I'm sure there is at least a little racism in wrestling as everywhere has some. Many minorities in major companies have gotten pushes in recent years and this has nothing to do with wrestling.

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