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Why does the AC sysmbol light come on when the heat is turned on and set to defrost-vent and will not turn off even when shut off button is hit?


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2005-01-25 05:32:59
2005-01-25 05:32:59

DO NOT FEAR THIS !!! The ac comes on with the defrost: because do you ever use your ac in the winter? me neither. Manufactures have made the ac come on with the defrost to prevent the ac compressor from seizing up. Since we never use them in winter, at least in cold climates. Cheers and drive on.


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Traction control system When it is turned off the light will come on ( button on your shifter ) If you did not turn it off then the check engine light should be on as well, if not then there may be a problem with the tcs system, have it diagnosed at the dealer.

Its the A/C button for Canadian cars. Or at least for me. If the light by the ECON button is on the A/C is off if the light is off the A/C is off.

That is the TCS (traction control system) indicator light. The light is on to indicate you have turned the Traction Control System OFF. The light will come on for a few seconds every time you turn on the ignition and will then go off unless you have turned the TCS off. The TCS is turned on and off with a button mounted on the dash. No good reason to turn it off. Just leave it on all the time.

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