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E20 is a focusing error. You have take the CD player apart and clean the lenses. Can also be caused by high heat and/or humidity. Try also re-seating the multi-conductor cable going between the CD player the the upper circuit board.

AnswerIt could also be caused by, the anti-theft system. If the anti theft system has been set on the stereo, and the deck has been removed and re-installed, the system will not work. but by the sounds of it! its most likely because of the reason the other guy said. But consult your Sunfire's driver guidebook for more information on the anti-theft system. AnswerThis error is a problem with the focus on the CD reader.

If the error only occurs on certain CD's then it's most likely a problem with a smudge or scratch on that CD and not the lens itself, but if it is occurring on all CD's then it's time to either clean the lens or replace the unit.

The only way I've found to reliably fix it is to remove the CD player and clean the lens with denatured alcohol manually. Over the counter CD cleaning kits do not seem to have any effect on the error.

AnswerIn my car it only says that when I play CD-Rs :\
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Q: Why does the CD player register E20 and spit the CD out on a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire?
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