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you have an engine/ignition problem. HAve a garage read the codes and diagnose the problem soon.

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Q: Why does the Service Ignition light come on?
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Why your service vehicle soon come on when you turn on your ignition?

That is normal but, when you start the engine the light should go out.

Would a bad ignition switch cause the service engine light to come on?

Not usually....No. Take it in to AutoZone and have them check the codes for you.

Why don't the service engine soon light come on when starting the vehicle?

The check engine/service engine light should come on as soon as the ignition is turned to the on position without starting the engine. If it does not, then the bulb is either blown or has been removed.

How do you get the service light off on a transit van?

Put key in ignition then push down on the mileage reset and hold it down then whilst holding it down turn ignition round till only ignition lights come on. The spanner or service light will either start flashing or do a count down when it stops that's it reset for its next service in miles then turn ignition off and release the mileage trip. Start engine and light should be off as its reset. I have just saved you money from going to a dealership.

Does engine light come on with ignition on fiesta td 02?

Yes, when you turn on the ignition the Check Engine light will come on for a few seconds to show you the light is working. It will go out if no problem is detected.

How do you reset the service light on a vauxhall corsa b?

hi put key in ignition but not turned on.keep footbreak depressed and keep trip meter pushed in.turn ignition to on but dont start car.wait and the millage will show ----.turn off ignition,next time you turn ignition on the service light will be out.

Reset service light Corsa V?

For the service light, Switch ignition on, The display will flash for 2 seconds, press the button next to fuel gauge until "----" appeares in the display, Release the button and switch the ignition off, and that should reset the light for you,

Can water or moisture cause service engine light to come on what to do about it can it cause damage?

water could cause a service engine light to come on, for example, ignition systems are sensitive to moisture and could cause a misfire and turn the light on. You need to find out what code the computer has set. Some auto parts stores have scan tools to loan.

How do you reset holden cruze service light?

Depending on the type of service light, the Holden Cruze offers and easy way to reset the light. Turn the ignition to on, but do not start the car. Depress the accelerator three times within five seconds, and then turn the ignition off.

Will the service light come on if the headlight is burnt out?


Resetting Audi a4 service light?

Press and hold BOTH right and left panel knobs while turning the ignition key to the ON position, the regular ligts come up and cycle. The message 10000 miles till next service should come up meanng the service is reset till next service cycle.

How do you reset the service engine soon light in a 2002 Tahoe?

Either you would have to take it to a dealer to use a tech2 to shut it off, or have 10 ignition cycles without the problem causing the light to come on and it will shut off on its own.

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