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Why does the air conditioning unit in the house freeze when you change the filter?

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Short answer: Your system is low on refrigerant. Long answer: The only things that will cause an evaporator coil to freeze are; 1. It has a low coolant charge. 2. It has restricted air-flow. The low coolant charge causes dramatic coolant temperature changes when going through the evap. coil resulting in a colder than normal coil. The restricted airflow causes less heat transfer to the coil resulting in colder than normal coil. The coil of an HVAC unit running in AC mode should be @ or about 40 degrees... if you slow down the air crossing the coil, the "radiator" doesn't pick up as much heat as it needs to stay at that temperature, and begins to freeze the humidity that usually drains out of the housing through that PVC fitting you see comming out of it. Have an HVAC company come out and check the AC system, but be ready for some bad news... If you are noticing the system freezing up, chances are you have a refrigerant leak. (This is very bad, in that the system is a "Sealed system" nothing in, nothing out) That being the case, you will need to have it changed... the fast fix is a "re-charge". But it's just a band-aid on cancer... it will mask the symptoms, but won't fix anything. sorry. email me directly with further questions. Jack at discovertexasproperties dot com (just replace the "at" with @ and the "dot" with . )

2006-09-13 18:57:01
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Q: Why does the air conditioning unit in the house freeze when you change the filter?
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If you dont change the filter on the air conditioning unit for 6 months will it cause a leak or just freeze up?

I know that if you don't change the filter for 6 months then you will be paying a lot of money to cool or heat your home. If the air flow is restricted then there is less air coming into the house or room and that makes the conditioner work longer and harder to attempt to get the temperature where it is set at.

Why do you have to change air filter?

If they become clogged, your house can be filled with pollens and other pollutants but more importantly, it can task your air conditioning system and cause a possible shut down.

Does central air conditioning bring in flying bugs such as mosquitoes or gnats from the outside while blowing into the house?

No. They can't get through the enclosed system and inside the house there is a filter. When a filter is changed all that is seen is dust.

When do you change your fuel filter in your car?

The word filter explains it all, alike your house AC filter that you change so often to ensure you stay cool, I recommend that you change your gas filter twice a year.

Can a wrong filter on house ac unit cause in to freeze up?

A filter with high resistance to air flow, as in high efficency types, may cause the coil to freeze. This is dependant on the system air flow. A more restrictive filter will reduce the airflow and MAY cause the airflow to be insufficent and cause the coil to freeze. Note: coil freeze ups will cause compressor damage. An expensive repair. A knowlegeable service technician can check your system air flow and determin if a high efficency type will be an issue or not.

How often should you change the filter on your heating and AC unit?

SummaryIt all depends where you live -- what the air pollution levels are in your area, and what kinds of pollutants you have inside your house.One should at least inspect the filter every 30 days and change it if necessary. If clean, check at least every 45 days. If a central air conditioning and heating system is used regularly, the filter should be changed at least once a year.A filter change costs a couple of dollars, but it is the most important thing you can do to avoid problems later. if you let it go, the blower motor works harder, shortening its life or your evaporator coil could become your filter, blocking airflow and causing it to start icing up; this can cost hundreds of dollars to remedy.If you smoke in your house, have inside pets, or a large amount of traffic in the house, check the filter once a week. The outside environment should be considered, since dust storms and high pollution areas do affect the filter as well.

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Why does central ac unit freeze UP?

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