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Q: Why does the balloon expand as we blow air into it?
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Why does a balloon expand when you blow it?

You are pushing more air into the balloon.

Why does a balloon expand when you blow in it?

You are pushing more air into the balloon.

What happen to the balloon if you blow more air?

It will expand more. And if too much air is added, it will explode.

What happens when air is blown into a balloon?

Air is transferred from your lungs into the balloon, where it diffuses inside the balloon and due to the elastic tendancies causes it to expand from the pressure of the increasing amount of air you blow in.

How does a balloon expand?

when you fill a balloon with air the air makes pressure. the air pressure maximizes the balloon fabric allowing the balloon to expand.

Why balloon gets bigger when you blow into it?

Because the air has nowhere else to go, so it goes into the balloon and makes it expand. because when the small balloon is being pressured it causes it to stretches to make space for the air

Warm air in a balloon will what?


Why does balloon burst when it is kept in sun?

Heat causes substances to expand. When left in the sun the air inside the beach ball will expand. If the air expands enough it will burst the beach ball.

Is a balloon a solid?

Balloon is a solid because it has a definite shape when we blow or don't blow air into it.

Why balloons expand when placed in hot water?

The hot water heats the air inside the balloon - making it expand.

When air heats in a bottle you can a balloon?

The air alone is not able to blow up a balloon. When air in the bottle is heated with a balloon on top of it, the air expands due to the heat and moves and finds more space. This in turn will blow up the balloon.

What is an example of of expand?

a balloon filling with air