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Why does the brake light come on if the brakes and fluid level are fine on a Ford Explorer?


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2007-03-11 06:36:41
2007-03-11 06:36:41

The Parking Brake could be set (even slightly)


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No but, the brake fluid level will drop as brake pads/linings wear.

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Check the brake fluid level. It may be low. Low brake fluid level is an indication the brakes need attention. Have a trusted mechanic check the brakes soon. Good brakes are a number one priority.

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Is the brake fluid level low in your brake master cylinder in the engine compartment ?

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If the brake fluid level is low you really need to have the brakes inspected for your own safety.

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It could just be that when you push the brakes the fluid level goes below the proper level. add fluid and see if stops.

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