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The Parking Brake could be set (even slightly)

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Q: Why does the brake light come on if the brakes and fluid level are fine on a Ford Explorer?
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Is the brake fluid level supposed to drop when the brakes are in use?

No but, the brake fluid level will drop as brake pads/linings wear.

Brake light on dashboard stays on?

Check the brake fluid level. It may be low. Low brake fluid level is an indication the brakes need attention. Have a trusted mechanic check the brakes soon. Good brakes are a number one priority.

Brake light comes on when applying brakes on 96 mustang?

Is the brake fluid level low in your brake master cylinder in the engine compartment ?

What is wrong when your brake light on the dash lights up and you have no brakes but when you repress the brakes the light goes off and your brakes are back?

check fluid level

How do you fill the brake fluid reservoir 97 Oldsmobile Silouette van?

If the brake fluid level is low you really need to have the brakes inspected for your own safety.

The brake light turns on acceleration and brakes are released on 2001 Explorer Sport It stays on anywhere from 15 sec - 2 minutes then goes off?

The brake light in your dash will turn on if the brake fluid level is low in your brake master cylinder in your engine compartment

Why does Red brake icon goes on when brakes applied on 1990 ford ranger?

It could just be that when you push the brakes the fluid level goes below the proper level. add fluid and see if stops.

Where to check brake fluid on 2002 Ford Explorer Sport?

In a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport : You check the brake fluid LEVEL in the brake fluid reservoir in the engine compartment . It is on the drivers side of the vehicle , near the firewall ( that's the metal wall that divides the engine compartment from the passenger compartment ) It is a plastic reservoir that allows you to check the brake fluid level just by looking ( you only need to remove the cap if the brake fluid level is not up to the full mark and you are going to add the DOT 3 brake fluid that is required

What is the function of brake fluid reservoir in cars?

To compensate for the wear on the brakes. As the brake pads wear down, they move closer to the rotors, and this brings the brake fluid level down slightly. Note: it is not a good idea to continually refill the brake fluid reservoir because a mechanic needs to check the level for an estimate of how much the brakes have worn. If the reservoir is full all the time it would appear that the brakes are not wearing down (which we know isn't true).

Why does my 92 Corvette parking brake light stay on?

Check the level of brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoir. If it is low that will illuminate the brake light also. If it is low on brake fluid it's time to have the brakes serviced.

On a 1994 Ford Ranger the BRAKE light stays on after engine has been started then gets brighter if emergency brake is applied?

First off check ur brakes in front but with e-brake causing it to glow brighter then most likely check the back brakes. ANSWER Check your brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder in your engine compartment . The brake light comes on when your brake fluid level is low , or your emergency brake is on.

You have a 1990 toy Camry le when you step on the brakes the light light on dash comes on but you already replaced the bad build and all the light r workingwhats wrong?

When you say the "light on dash" I am assuming your brake warning light. This can be a number of things, not your brake lights. A quick easy check is your fluid level in your master cylinder. A low fluid level will the light come on. When you press your brakes, the fluid level will drop (fluid travelling to the four brakes), when you release the brake fluid is drawn back into the master cylinder. I would check that first.

How do you know when your car brake is worned out?

first indication will be brakes making a noise or brake pedal needing more pressure to stop. next lift hood and check brake fluid resevoir. if fluid is low, that is a good indication that brakes are worn and need replacing to bring fluid back to proper level

You replaced all brake parts on your 1996 Pontiac sunfire and your brakes still do not work any suggestions?

bleed the brakes. check fluid level

How do I change my brake fluid?

You should flush and replace the brake fluid in your brake system every two years. You can change your own brake fluid, but service facilities now do this with brake flushing machines. If you find have a brake fluid leak or you have to bleed your brakes, youll have to restore the brake fluid in your master cylinder to its proper level. Here are some things that you should know about buying and using brake fluid

What would cause the brake light to come on intermittenly after all brakes were changed?

Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir there is a sensor there that will make the light come on if your level is low.

If the brake fluid in a Lesabre is a little low do you top it off or do the brakes need to be checked?

brake fluid level will go down slowly as your disk brake pads wear. Just keep it topped up.

What does the Brake light on on a Ford Explorer 1997 mean?

If the brake light in your dash is on , either the BRAKE FLUID LEVEL in the brake master cylinder in your engine compartment is LOW or your parking brake is on

1999 Toyota Camry brakes light comes on on its own and goes off when you brake or turn Brakes and hand brakes engage well no problems?

Light is usually comes on, when there is a problem with pressure in brake lines. Inspect the brake fluid level, and check for leaks.

What does it mean when the brake lamp indicator comes on after pumping the brakes on a 1984 Honda Accord?

Why are you pumping the brakes? That light means there is a problem with the brake system. Check the fluid level and if it is ok, take it to a professional. It can be many things that need to be done. Air in the system, low fluid level, etc.

S-10 with abs and brake light on?

Check the brake fluid level, it is probably low. If so, this is an indication that your brakes are in need of replacement.

Why does the brake light come on and off on your 1999 explorer?

The brake light in your dash comes on , if the brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder in your engine compartment is LOW , and also if your emergency brake is on

Why does my check brakes light come on in my 1994 Pontiac sunbird and the brakes check out good?

check brake fluid level under hood probaly low

You replaced the master cylinder got new brake calipers and car still doesn't stop already bled brakes?

It would be helpful to know: What vehicle you are working on. The condition of the rear brakes, and were they also bled. Does the brake fluid level stay full, if no then there may be a brake fluid leak.

Red brake warning light on dash1997 Ford Explorer?

Either the parking / emergency brake is on or the brake fluid level in your brake master cylinder in your engine compartment is too low