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hey dude call up advance auto parts and give them the code and they will look the code number up in the book. i know it because i work there and use the book everyday. goodluck Answer

I own an 89 Dodge Dakota and from my experiences and research the reason that the check engine light does not stay on is because it goes into what is called a "limp in mode" which helps get you to a service station. If you have a Haynes manual or can get one, foudn at NAPA and Advacned Auto, you can look up the code fairly easy. I know that on mine the check engine light has never stayed on but the computer stores the code until it is cleared. I hope I have been helpful.

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Q: Why does the check engine light not stay on continuously on a 1992 Dodge Dakota if it is showing a diagnostic code of 27?
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Where is the diagnostic connector on a daihatsu mira l200 with 659cc engine?

There are two diagnostic connection ports, there is a diagnostic connection port below the dashboard on the drivers side. A second diagnostic port can be found in the engine compartment on the firewall.

What causes your 5.7 hemi to idle rough with no codes showing?

It is possible that the engine is running roughly because of a clogged fuel filter. Many times, that will not register a diagnostic code.

What's the difference in a 1995 Dodge Dakota with a 3.9 v6 engine and a 2000 Dodge Dakota with a 3.9 v6 engine can I exchange the newer engine with the older one?

There is no difference in a 1995 dodge dakota with a 3.9 v6 engine and a 2000 dodge dakota with a 3.9 v6 engine and you can exchange the newer engine with the older one.

What type of engine does a 1991 Dodge Dakota have?

A 1991 Dodge Dakota will have either a V6 or a V8 engine.

Your car wont start and a spanner is showing?

The service engine light (spanner) is indicating that the computer has detected a "fault". Use an engine diagnostic scanner to find out what the computer has detected. My guess is, if you repair whatever the computer has detected, the problem will go away.

What is the likely cause of the engine check light showing and the engine quitting while driving as soon as the engine has heated up on an 1995 Opel Astra 1400cc NB Diagnostic test by shows no error?

i would say its the coil witch is on the right hand side of the bonnet beside the batt

Engine diagram 1989 Dodge Dakota V6 Engine?

The engine diagram for a 1989 Dodge Dakota be can be found in the Dakota service manual. The manual is available through most auto parts, or possibly at the public library.

Will a 3.9 v6 engine from a 1995 Dodge Dakota fit into a 2000 Dodge Dakota with a 3.9 v6 engine?

Yes. A 3.9 v6 engine from a 1995 Dodge Dakota will fit into a 2000 Dodge Dakota with a 3.9 v6 engine. You will have to swap the intake and exhaust manifolds along with all sensors and fuel rail though.

Will a 3.7 bolt up to the transmission of a 4.3 dodge Dakota pickup 2000?

Dodge does not have 4.3L engine. A 3.7L was not used in a 2000 Dakota. So no.Dodge does not have 4.3L engine. A 3.7L was not used in a 2000 Dakota. So no.

What is the engine oil capacity of a 1992 Dodge Dakota with a 5.2 liter v8 engine?

A 1992 Dodge Dakota with a 5.2 L V8 has an engine oil capacity of 4.0 quarts.

What is the engine oil capacity of 2006 dodge Dakota 4.7 liter engine?

A Dodge Dakota with a 4.7 takes 6 quarts with a filter change

Will a 1997 dodge Dakota engine fit in a 1995 Dakota?

Yes, but you will have to use your 1995 intake.

Can a 2008 dodge Dakota tow a 1998 dodge Dakota?

Yes, depending on engine SIZE. (;

Will a 1994 Dodge Dakota 3.9l engine swap into a 1993 Dakota?


What kind of engine is in a 2001 Dodge Dakota SLT?

A Dodge Dakota SLT has a 4.7L V8 flex-fuel engine and has 210 HP stock but some classes of the Dakota have a 3.6L or 3.7L V6 engine. The SLT has a 4.7L V8. The 4.7L in a 2001 Dakota is not flex fuel. The V6 option would be the 3.9L

What is a data port on a ford van?

It is the port, where a diagnostic machine can be hooked up. The diagnostic will read codes from your vehicles computer. For instance if your check engine light comes on, you can plug the diagnostic machine into the data port and it will tell you why the check engine light came on so that you can get it fixed.

What diagnostic tool can check if your engine is bad?

a human brain is the best.

Where is diagnostic plug located on 1994 wrangler?

A car owner should know the location of the diagnostic port in their car. The diagnostic port in a 1994 Wrangler would be in the engine compartment, near the firewall.

How much does a diagnostic test cost for Acura CL 99?

Go to auto zone(free) if its just an engine diagnostic (engine light...etc.) (plug might be behind ashtray/earlier models)

What does the 2002 Ford F150 diagnostic code 316 mean?

The Ford diagnostic code 316 is a misfire detected at engine start up.

What is engine code 303?

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0303: Engine Misfire Detected (Cylinder 3)

How do you do a diagnostic test on a knock sensor circuit for a 2005 Chevy Avalanche 1500 car?

You can run a diagnostic test for the knock sensor, on your 2005 Chevy avalanche, by hooking the engine up to a diagnostic tester.

Where is the diagnostic port on a 1993 Toyota Tercel?

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Where is Diagnostic port 1998 Honda civic?

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