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the oil presser going up and down is why your check guadges light is coming on.. probly need a ned oil pump but check the sender first, much easer and cheeper to replace..

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Are there any recalls for 2004 Chevy silverado dashboard clusters?

Yes if one or more gauge is reading wrong

What does check gages mode on a 2006 Ford Expedition mean?

Either your temperature gauge is reading too hot , your oil pressure is too low , or your gas gauge is at or near empty

1998 dodge durango check gauges what does this mean?

It means look at your gauges. Something is wrong! Does your temperature gauge show that it is overheating? Is the oil presure where it should be? Check your fluids.

What scientific tool is used for measuring air presure?

A diaphragm air gauge.

Temperature gauge on 2004 silverado 6.0 L doesn't work?

Check to make sure that the temperature sensor is good. A bad sensor is commonly the cause of the temperature gauge not working.

Why the check gages of a Chevrolet pickup S10 1998 light come up intermittently?

There could be a glitch on the computer in the vehicle. There could also be a ground in the wiring harness that goes to the gauge lights.

Is there a recall on the gauge cluster of a 2004 Chevy silverado?

If you call your local GM dealer with the VIN off of the truck they will check for any open recalls.

Is the fuel pressure gauge bad on Chevy 99 silverado?

Definitely! I had this problem diagnosed and found that the gas gauge is fine, but the internal float sticks and this is a common problem. Obviously the "Check Engine Soon" comes on because of this and the gas gauge is almost always incorrect.

Will a Euro Sport gauge cluster with fuel temp volts function in a regular celebrity dash?

No The dash with gages will not work due to the engine sensors are different from gages to lights. I have changed 4 of my Chevrolet Celebrities from idiot lights to gages. The gage cluster is a direct fit, the voltage gage will work with no alteration. The temp sensor is readily changeable by purchasing the proper sensor for your car. The fuel gages are the same.

How do you fix the engine temperature gauge on a 92 Chevy silverado?

Check the sending unit between the left first 2 spark plugs. Ground the wire with key on (gauge should peg full hot). If it does change the sending unit.

1999 dodge 1500 van and the oil presure gauge drops to zero when im driving and goes back up and after you change oil it does not reoccur for months?

Hopefully (for you) just a bad oil pressure sending unit Install a manual gauge to actually check the vehicle's oil pressure

How do you replace temperature gauge on a 03 Chevy silverado?

Buy a new Speedometer cluster. The external Temp gauge is extremely rare

You replaced map iac ecm fuel filter plugs wires cap rotor long block and your truck still bogs down when xcelerating it is a 95 silverado and where can i check the vacuum and get the tool for that?

Need to check fuel pressure with a gauge Check the exhaust converter, and exhaust and make sure its not restricked. Engine vaccume should be 18-21 inches of vaccume. check it with a gauge. need to know what year it is.

Where can you find a fuse box diagram for 2004 Chevy silverado?

were is the fuse for speed gauge

1985 Silverado fuel gauge reads full all the time?

The fuel gauge on a 1985 Chevy Silverado will read full all the time if the sending unit is defective or the wire has come loose. When the tank is full, the sending unit normally shuts off which cause the gauge to read full.

94 wrangler 2.5 What would cause an oil presure gauge to move from high to ow with the rpms of the motor?

Probably a worn out engine.

Why after replacing the fuel pump in a 2000 Silverado truck the fuel gauge would not work the one time it started and now it won't start at all?

check the plug at the tank to see if its conected good

What makes the check gauge light come then the battery gauge rolls from side to side?

What year is your car? Did you mean the CHECK ENGINE light? The battery gauge?

The check gauge light keeps coming on 1998 mountaineer?

Your fuel is low. Its telling you to check your gas gauge...

Why does the check gauge light come on in a 2001 Pontiac sunfire?

It means a trouble code has come up in the computer. You can have the codes read at Autozone for free. They usually wont clear them though. Good luck. Answer: It also means for you to check your gages because your fuel is running low and you need to fill the gas tank before you run out of gas.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1992 Chevy Silverado?

are you sure it's bad, what is the volts showing on your gauge? if you do not have a good charge on the battery it takes a long time to recharge. Autozone will check it for free and tell you what you need to know.

What would make check gauge light come on in 1999 Chevy Tahoe?

Check gauge? Never heard of a check gauge light. If you are referring to the check engine light it is on because there is a problem with the emissions system. You need to have the ECU scanned by a professional.

What is wrong when dash light comes on but gages don't work on 1995 eagle vision tsi?

Probably the "gauge" fuse is blown. The dash lights are a completely separate circuit.

What does Gauge Check light mean in Toyota cavalier 2.4 1999 model?

The gauge check light is just a reminder to check your gauges.Probably your fuel gauge is below a set point.Just put gas in it and it will go off. Rember..its not the check engine light...

Replacing the fuel gauge sending unit on a 93 G10 van?

gage is easy just take the srews out holding the panel around the gages on then the screws holding the plastic cover over the gages and the screws holding the gas gage and pulls right out check the color or code on the back to get the same one. Sending unit is in the tank drop the tank and 2 or so bolts and pulls right out. Round thing on the top with lines and wires is the sending unit