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Persistant cruise control problemI fought that problem for over a year. I had it to multiple mechanics, had it on the analyzer several times and it always directed me to change the cruise control servo. After the 3d servo I gave it to the dealer, who troubleshot the system for 6 weeks looking for a short. Finally they found a short in the brakes, fixed it, and I've had cruise ever since. Have the dealer try that approach.

Before you do that, change the vac lines on the cruise control unit, if you haven't already done that.

When the 1st answer tlks about a "short in the brakes" they are most likely tlking about the brake light switch.

i think i know what might be wrong, a bad break switch retainer. one or both of the contacts could be bad. replacing the retainer costs 1.74. its a simple check, pull the panel under the steering column to have visual access to these switches if you do the 2 plungers should be adjusted so that when the brake pedal is up [ RELEASED] only the notch of the head of the plunger is visible when you look at them from the side. checking the contacts is easiest when you pull them apart and have visual qcess to which pins go to which sets of contacts. [ an ohmmeter helps to check this, otherwise just clean every contact well with a 600 grit sandpaper followed by printer paper and contact cleaner. watch out for flying springs and plungers if you go pulling these apart.

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Q: Why does the cruise control keep kicking off on a 1995 Buick Riviera?
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