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Sounds like the switch that is in the door frame might be broken. In some cars the switch is in the inside wall of the door frame. You can see it with the car door open. The button gets pushed in as the door closes against it, turning the circuit and the dome light off. Some switches are housed inside a rubber boot that sits in the door frame. I had a truck once with that style switch and it needed a little fiddling to get the light to come on. Its possible that the button on the switch broke off. Then the door doesn't push against the button to turn the circuit off, so the light stays on constantly. A last resort work-around might be to pull the bulb out of the dome light. Then you could have the fuse in to operate the radio and the battery won't drain down, I'd assume.

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Q: Why does the dome light stay on with Dodge Spirit 1994 unable to fix unless pull 10 A fuse to dome light unit and radio Removed dome light bulb and left fuse in battery still drains down?
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