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== == This is a common problem and is caused by the door switch plunger sticking (due to dirt, other elements or rust). This can often be corrected by performing the following: 1. Thoroughly spray the door switches (on each door) with: * Cleaning spray - clear the sludge out of the mechanism - electronic contact cleaner, carb, brake, etc

* Air, canned or even better, from a compressor

* Spray lubricant - a dry lube (best), silicone spray, WD-40 or similar

2. Open and close each door several times to work the lube into the mechanism This is usually sufficient to clean the electrical & plunger mechanism inside the door switch. If this doesn't work, you could remove the door panel and do the spray treatment from the inside also.

This approach works for most, but the switch may have to come out for repair (see Windstar "Related Question" below), or replacement. I just bought a 1998 Ford Taurus SE and right away I noticed the Dome light wasn't even coming on. The 2 map lights did work. I asked the previous owner about it, but he had no idea. Today I bought a new bulb and noticed that the light stays on forever, and the door ajar icon stays lit. I read through some of the responses posted for the problem, so I tried the WD-40 idea and it fixed it in 30 seconds. What you need to do is spray light lubricant (WD-40) on the drivers door latch. This is right at the end of the door (where is swings away from the car). You'll see the latch looks like plastic. Give it a few sprays, then open and close the door several times. If it works, the light should go off in about 30 seconds, and the door ajar light will go out. What must be happening is that the door closes, but something is sticking, not allowing the switch in the door to close. Spraying on the lubricant loosens this up, and in my case fixed it right away. Hope this helps. Regards, Doug The door ajar switch on each door sends a signal to the GEM module that the door(s) is ajar and this module illuminates the door ajar light and the interior courtesy/map lights. I would suspect that it's more likely one or more of your door ajar switches inside the doors, located on the backside of the door latch assemblies are sticking.

Relay switch for the door ajar light is is located above the fuse box.have 96 Ford Taurus same problem ---- Taurus everything - A switch on the light itself is on, a bad door switch that is grounding all the time, if controled from dash light dimmer switch, is it turned on. Any possiblity dome light is in contact with roof and grounding out there? The light should have power to it all the time and the door switches provide the ground. its build into the mechanism, you need to remove door panel and get a llight and look inside unplug it turn it a quarter turn left ir right depending on the door once out shoot a little WD40 on it the little ball is usuall stuck or buy one at dealer they are only like 20$ I have a 96 Taurus GL and the the door switch is integrated into the door latch itself. If you are having problems with your dome light staying on and the door open indicator being lit with all the doors closed, you may try spraying some WD-40 into the latch to free up the switch. I know this because this has happened to me. If you need to replace the switch, you can remove the interior door panel and replace it from the inside. Hope that helps. The door switches are located inside the door right under the latch. They are a constant problem. Sometimes you can "ungum" them by soaking the latch mechanism in WD-40 or another brand of contact cleaner or rust penetrant. I had to do this on my 1998 Taurus SE. The switch is in the drivers door latching mechanism inside the door. Disconnect the battery, disassemble the drivers door inside door panel and you can get to the back side of the latching assembly. If I remember correctly, you need a Torx driver to remove the latching assembly from the outside of the door with the door open. I got a used latch from my local boneyard by slashing through the outside of a damaged door. It helped me see all of the rods and connectors hooked to the latching assembly. I replaced the assembly in my car with the used one and my "door indicator" problem went away. About 1 hour of work when you have the part. Steve WD-40 works best without having to replace any parts. Completely soak the hinges and open & close the door a few times, and the light should go away. My SHO had this same problem. If your interior lights are staying on, and "door ajar" iss lit up on dash, just take some WD40 and spray it into the latch assy. on all the doors. The switch is located in there and this will free it up so it works. I've had to do it to my 97 Taurus several times. First check to see if the light switch is not set to dome on, then check the door switches, they shut the light off when the door is closed.


The problem seems to be fixed now! I thought I had an electrical problem but it turned out to be more mechanical. I did what the person did that had the Ford truck, with the same problem. I used WD-40 on all 4 door latches. I had immediate and positive results. If things change I'll let you know.

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Q: Why does the door ajar light stay on and the over head light in a Ford Taurus?
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1999 Ford Taurus - Dome light stays on door ajar light stays on power door locks won't work - Could the power door lock problem be related to the other two problems?

I just sprayed all my 1999 taurus door latches with silicon and it fixed it.

How do get door open light to shut off on your Ford F250SD?

the door ajar light is staying on all the time

How do you fix a 2002 Ford Expedition door ajar light that will not go out even when door is closed?

If your interior light is also on, replace the door switch.

What does a light that looks like a car with doors mean on a Ford Fusion?

Door Ajar.

How do you fix a 1995 ford explorer door ajar light that stays on?

check the sensor on the door, its probably bad

Why would the door ajar light on a 2002 Kia Sportage stay on when there is no door ajar?

On my 2002 sportage 2-door, the door ajar light stays on when the tailgate is not locked. with the key.

Where are the door ajar sensors located on a 1997 ford tourus?

on the sides of the doors; you'll see a pushout on the innerside of your taurus by the way ford rules right?

1998 ford ranger door ajar light stays on?

Try spraying WD-40 on the door latch, the part that is on the door itself. The door ajar switch is located in with the latch. Had the same problem, door ajar light on, interior light stays on, and horns toots twice when you lock with remote, to signal door is not closed. Door was shut but truck didn't know it, WD40 fixed it.

Where is the door ajar switch located on the 2008 ford sport?

The door ajar switch on the 2008 Ford Sport is located inside the door that is mounted on the backside.

What is wrong 1998 when my Ford explorer interior lights blink?

Is door ajar light on also?

How do you disconnect the automatic door locks on a 1996 Ford Taurus that keep locking themselves while driving down the road?

The symptoms may be a problem with a bad door ajar sensor - very very common on the Taurus/Sables. See "Related Questions" below for more about both: programming auto-locking and trouble-shooting door ajar sensors.

Why does the door ajar light stay on when you step on the brakes?

some how the tail light wire is touching the ajar wire

Where is the door ajar sensor on a 2005 escape?

The door ajar sensor, on a 2005 Ford escape, is located inside the door panel behind the door lock. There is a sensor on each door.

Can a 1999 Ford Taurus door go on a 2000 Ford Taurus?


What fuse controls the door ajar sensor on a 2002 Taurus?

Fuses are illustrated and detailed in the Owners Manual.Also, there is a very common problem with false door ajar sensor warnings on the Taurus-Sables.See "Related Questions" below for pages of helpful information on finding online Owners Manuals and how to fix those pesky door ajar problems.

How do you fix the door ajar on a ford windstar2002?

Bring it to a mechanic

Will a 2001 door fit a 2003 Ford Taurus?

will a2003 door fit a 2001 Ford Taurus If I am correct most parts from Ford Taurus 2001-07 are interchangeable .

How do you replace the door open warning relay on your 2002 ford explorer?

If the door ajar light is coming on in your gauge cluster, and the warning chime is sounding when all your doors, liftgate, and glass hatch are securely shut you most likely have a sticking door ajar switch. The door ajar switches are inside the doors mounted on the latch mechanisms.

Where is the door code for a 2008 Ford Taurus?

where can i find the door code for the 2008 Taurus

My door ajar light stays on on my 2002 Ford Ranger which messes wuth interior light where is the switch located in the door?

I had the same problem with my 02 Ford Ranger the sensor is inside the door (genius idea ford). no amount of wd40 helped. luckily for me it was my passenger door. I just unplugged it and the dome light doesn't turn on for the passenger door but works find for the driver's door.

Door ajar light on dash is on after all doors are closed?

Possible faulty door switch.Try contact cleaner or light grade of lubricant on the switch. Push it i nby hand and see if door ajar light goes out.

Where is the Ford Ranger door ajar switch?

AnswerIt is on the back side of the door latch assembly inside of the door.

What is a Door Ajar light mean on your dashboard?

a door in your car is not fully shut.

Interior light in ford mustang does not turn off?

Check to see if the door ajar light is on. If it is, then a door may not me closing fully or the door switch is bad. Check the dash dimmer light, to make sure that it has not been bumped to "interior light on" setting.

Door ajar light stays on?

If the door is ajar and light stays on, spray some WD40 into the latch. The door switch is probably stuck. Spray all doors then open and close a few times.