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Why does the electric socket not work?

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The recepticle could be a GFI ( ground fault interuptor) which needs to be reset. The circut breaker might have tripped, or you could have a bad plug-in. All are pretty easy to fix. Now if it is a light socket, it could be a bad switch, a tripped circut breaker or a bad light socket.

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What do you plug an electric appliance into to make it work?


Circuit diagram of an electric stove plugged into the socket?

circuit diagram is the most important in electric stove plugged into the socket

Can you plug in a 240 volt equipment into 110 volt electric socket?

No, it won't get enough power and won't work.

Where would you find electric energy?

In an elecrical socket.

Can you plug your 220V electric piano into a 110V socket?


What is Energy transformation of socket to electric fan?

Electrical energy to mechanical energy. The fan does mechanical work in shifting the air which flows through it.

Do you need a 110 socket for an electric car?

A 110 socket can work to charge a tesla - with the right adapter. 110 and 240 sockets can both be used to charge a Tesla.

Can i recharge my phone in Europe?

By plugging the charger into an electric socket.

What happened to the pelican who stuck his head into a wall socket?

He got an electric bill.

What tool can you use to test electric supply to shower socket?

Electricity and water don't mix. You should not have a socket in the shower.

What would happen if you put a rubber cord into an electric socket?


Your electric socket does not work What can you do to test it etc?

See if the fuse or circuit breaker has blown at the distribution box. Try plugging in some other thing such as a desk lamp that you know is good, just to see if the socket really does not work. Otherwise, if you are not familiar with working on electricity and knowing its dangers, you will have to call an electrician.

How does an electric plug work?

An electric socket / plug pair are connectors. In their most basic forms (no GFI, indicators, etc.) they are entirely passive (they use no electricity themselves). They form a good electrical connection that is easily breakable by the user.

How does a electirc stove work?

how does a electric stove work???????????? how does a electric stove work????????????

What happend to the pelican who stuck his head into the wall socket?

He got an electric bill.

What happen to the pelican who stuck his head into a wall socket?

he got an electric bill

What processor will not work with a Socket 7 motherboard?

Many processors will not work on a Socket 7 motherboard. Providing a full list of every processor that is notcompatible with a Socket 7 board would be impossible.

How do you change a 2 prong socket to a 3 prong socket?

buy new sockets at a home inprovment store,then turn off electric and replace

What is the spark plug socket size for an 2007 Honda shadow spirit 1100?

18mm thin wall socket normal socket will not work

Who invented the electric plug?

The electric plug was invented by Harvey Hubbell. It was patented in 1904 with the first design being a socket that screwed into a lamp.

What is the high pitch bleep that comes from electric cupboard when I push a plug into socket?

The high pitch beep you are hearing that comes from your electric cupboard when you push a plug into the socket could be a low battery warning. However, it can also be a CO alarm.

How do you cut an electric socket safely?

If you are not talking literally about cutting a socket and are referring about the sockets circuit, then all that needs to happen is, a switch needs to be cut into the circuit.

How does an electric blanket switch work?

An Electric Blanket switch works to turn the heating function off and on after a specific time. The switch has to turned on and plugged into a socket. It has an inbuilt timer which can be set by the help of a dial. When a specific time is reached, the relay will break the connection.

Why it is dangerous to touch an electric socket to touch with wet hands?

you may get an electric shock because electricity finds it way quickly through the water so therefore you get an electric shock

Can you use an electric dryer with a gas dryer outlet?

A gas dryer burns gas to provide the heat needed to dry clothes. As it only needs a relatively small amount of electrical power to drive its motor, and maybe also a timer, the electrical socket outlet which a gas dryer plugs into need not be much different to a normal wall socket outlet. Any electric dryer uses a high-power electric heater, which takes a lot more current than is available from a normal socket outlet, so a special dryer socket outlet is needed to power an electric dryer safely.As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.Before you do any work yourself,on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS.