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Why does the front end of your car shake while accelerating in first gear?


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2008-01-05 01:26:43
2008-01-05 01:26:43

If it is a manual transmission I would suspect you have clutch problems. Possibly gear lube or hydraulic clutch fluid has leaked onto the clutch surface. The only repair is to replace the clutch and repair the leak. When you let the clutch out this causes the clutch to chatter thus causing the shaking.

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Your front, left or right axle needs to be replaced.

Check all front end components for wear. Then check the engine and transmission mounts as the engine could be shifting and causing the shake.

your wheels/tires probably need to be balanced or rotated,

A vibration in the front end of a Volvo S60 while accelerating is due to imbalanced tires. Swap the tires until the right combination is achieved.

Shaking when accelerating and braking show a front end issue. Check the lug nuts to make sure your tires are bolted on tight. Check for play in front end components, like the wheel bearings and tie rod ends. While possibly causing the vibration, the front brakes usually only cause a shake when braking.

If your car shakes while accelerating check your motor mounts. Then check your transmission.

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Check for warped front rotors. under slight brake application it may not shake. But under hard braking such as getting off an offramp the truck will shake and the brake pedal may pulsate slightly. Chances are real good this is your problem.

Dirty air filter is the first thing I'd check.

bent wheels or a broken cord in a tire or a deformity in a tire.

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The balance would be the first think. but if ur tires is old or it was flat for a while there will be a little bump on the side that will make its vibrate. do a balance first. if the problem will not be solved then change ur wheels put front on the back and rear in front but dont drive it if the steering wheel will shake. change it back

White smoke from the exhaust is a sign of coolant in the combustion chamber, and can be a blown head gasket or cracked head. This is very serious and will cause severe engine damage. Have this looked at by a professional. A slight jerking motion in the front while accelerating is possibly torque steer. This is normal. Check this out after dealing with the white smoke, which at this point is your first priority.

Drive shaft is going out

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Tires out of balance, bent wheel, worn suspension or steering parts, bent driveshaft.

if you have a front wheel drive and u spin out while accelerating.... let off the accelerator. but u pretty much always turn into the way ur rear end slides if that occurs

Answer Humming noise from front endI just got my car fixed with the same problem and it was the wheel bearing and it is gone. Was it a fwd car?

It might be the CV joints. Go to a front suspension specialist and have it checked out.

if you are driving and you go to stop, then that means that the front rotors are warped. if the front rotors are bad, you will feel a pulsation in pedal while applying brakes. change rotors on front.

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