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Internal fuel pumps are cooled by fuel. If you run your tank low a lot then the pump will get hotter than normal and lessen it's life. Heard also that these pumps don't like plugged filters either but this is up for debate I would watch the fuel level and fill at no less than quarter tank

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Q: Why does the fuel pump in your 1996 Tahoe keep going out?
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Why does 96 Tahoe keep blowing ecm-b fuse?

Fuel pump

Where is my Fuel pump located in a 97 Tahoe?

The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank to keep the fuel cool. That way the fuel is cool pumping to the engine so it doesn't vaporize.

Is there any other fuses that would keep the 2000 Chevy Tahoe from starting after replacing fuel pump?

Defective fuel pump fuse or fuel pump relay.

Why does my Chevy Tahoe keep dying while I am driving?

mine died because of a faulty fuel pump

What else will stop a Chevy Tahoe from starting?

There are several things that can keep a Chevy Tahoe from starting including the starter being bad, a dead battery, an alternator, or a fuel pump.

Will the Chevy Tahoe make whining noise if the fuel pump is going out?

The whining noise is a common sound and problem with all Chevy trucks and suvs. Yes it is the fuel pump and it does not mean the pump is going out. Chevy recommends to keep the fuel tank 1/2 full at all times to keep the electric fuel pump cool. I've installed many NEW fuel pumps and they also whine/ make noise. It is just a common problem. If you are concerned about the fuel pump then you need to check the fuel pressure with a fuel gauge.

Why does the fuel pump keep going bad in a 1997 Tahoe?

How often is the filter been changed. Are you using the same brand of pump? You most likely have a short in the wiring harness of the pump. Check ground.

Why my Radio keep going in and out and now it won't play at all in my 2001 Tahoe?

Is it an aftermarket radio?

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Why does my fuel pump keep going out on my 1995 chev trk?

Have you replaced the fuel filter. A clogged fuel filter will burn a pump up.

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Why does your fuel pump fuse keep blowing on your 1996 dodge ram van 360 3500?

Failed fuel pump, or a short to ground in the wiring to the pump.

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2002 park ave fuel gauge keep fluctuating?

Your fuel level sending unit is probably going bad. It is in the top of the fuel tank and the fuel tank must be removed to change it.

Why does my 1996 dodge ram 1500 stall after driving 5 miles?

First, check the fuel filter. It could be letting just enough fuel through to start you going but not keep you going. Has you're catalytic converter ever been replaced? As they get warmed up they can shut down the exhaust system. How about your coil. When it gets warmed up it can stop working.

Why does your grand marquis start up and keep going dead?

Sounds like a Fuel Problem to me.

Why does a 1996 Plymouth Breeze hesitate cut off when going up inclines or making sharp turns?

I think you should check the fuel pump . If you keep[ the tank above half tank and it stops hesitating you will know it is the pump

Why would your 95 jetta keep blowing the fuse when you plug it in to keep warm?

There's a short in your main line going to your fuel heater.

What is that loud humming sound coming from your fuel pump?

that means your fuel pump is going bad and is working harder to keep up...replace it soon

Why does the fuel gauge on Astra keep going from full to red when door is opened or interior light switched on?

hole in fuel sender gauge float

Does a Chevy Tahoe have oxygen sensors?

Yes, to keep the fuel mixture correct. Fuel mixture helps your vehicle get power when it needs it and controls the MPG. Also, depending on your engine, there are 4 O2 sensors, 2 before the converter and 2 after the converter.

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It's keep going on, or keep on going.

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Why is my fuel gauge in my 96 grand chreokee laredo keep going from empty to full?

More than likely you have a faulty fuel gauge sending unit located inside the fuel tank.

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