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Why does the fuel pump keep going bad in a 1997 Tahoe?


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2008-01-05 20:53:36
2008-01-05 20:53:36

How often is the filter been changed. Are you using the same brand of pump? You most likely have a short in the wiring harness of the pump. Check ground.


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The 1997 is fuel injected... You can keep looking for the carb until the cows come home... your not going to find it ;-)

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The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank to keep the fuel cool. That way the fuel is cool pumping to the engine so it doesn't vaporize.

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mine died because of a faulty fuel pump

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The whining noise is a common sound and problem with all Chevy trucks and suvs. Yes it is the fuel pump and it does not mean the pump is going out. Chevy recommends to keep the fuel tank 1/2 full at all times to keep the electric fuel pump cool. I've installed many NEW fuel pumps and they also whine/ make noise. It is just a common problem. If you are concerned about the fuel pump then you need to check the fuel pressure with a fuel gauge.

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