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Why does the heater in the rear of a 96 Chevy Astro van blow cold air and in the front of vehicle blow hot only when the defroster is switched on?


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2015-07-17 17:42:52
2015-07-17 17:42:52

Probably programmer, It needs to be checked out.

I had the same problem....the easiest way to know is to safely jack the vehicle up, run it until it's hot then follow the rubber coolant hose from rear heater to the engine. You will likely find it is cold all the way to the front. If you remove the fan shroud etc you will see a coolant distribution valve ( there are two) plastic and avialbale from GM. They have vacum connections on them. Check to be sure the connections are ok. If so the valve is likely stuck in the closed position prohibiting any coolant flow to the rear heater from the engine cooling system. The valve ( I would replace both while there since they are buggers to get at and change) . jk


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How do you change a heater core in 1994 chevy astro van?

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A) Drive to dealership. Select new vehicle. Trade your Astro for new vehicle. B) Push Astro off a cliff. Walk to dealership and get a new vehicle.

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The heater resistor on a 94 Astro is located on the top of the heater box under the hood, it has a four or five wire plug on it and two 6mm screws hold it in a hole in the heater blower box.

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You can find the block heater cord behind the grill of your 2001 Chevy Astro. The cord will be on the drivers side of the grill.

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