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Why does the horn on your car sound so faint?

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Usually positioned where they pick upthe worst dirt and wet. sometimes a good clean will do the job otherwise replace the horn, not expensive to buy.

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What happens to sound waves from a moving source such as a car with its horn honking when the sound waves are moving in the same direction as the car?

The wavelength is compressed by the additional velocity of the car, so the frequency heard is higher than that generated in the horn. It's known as the Doppler Effect.

How do you spell the sound of an air horn?

Generically, a horn makes a "honk." But the louder sound of an air horn is either a "blare" or a "blast." There is no exact onomatopoeia for the sound, as there is for the so-called "ah-oo-gah" of a three-tone horn.

What is a faint white star?

That is a star that either really is faint, or that is far away so that it looks faint.That is a star that either really is faint, or that is far away so that it looks faint.That is a star that either really is faint, or that is far away so that it looks faint.That is a star that either really is faint, or that is far away so that it looks faint.

The horn on a 91 tracer clicks but no sound is it the wiring or the horn please help?

Probably the horn. The click indicates it's getting power but not sounding, so I'd change out the horn assembly.

2000 Plymouth Voyager horn blows constantly?

sohunds like you have a short on the horn botton, you only have a hot wire, so when you push the horn botton it make a gorund to make the horn sound

1996 Chevrolet Corsica horn doesn't work but when i push the button it makes a click sound what's wrong?

horn (its self) not be working,, the click is the horn relay so that means the switchworks. but the relay may still be bad, no power sending to the horn or the horn gets power but doesn't sound. hope that helps

What would be wrong if your car horn does not work?

Most mechanics would agree that if your car horn does not work, there are no large problems with the car you should be worrying about. Consider the car horn to be an extra item, not connected to a cars engine or main mechanic system. A car horn is however, important to communicate with other drivers, so it is very important to stop by a mechanics, oil change, or even tire retailer to get the horn fixed.

How can you do the car horn glitch in Grand Theft Auto 4?

Do a mass amount of explosive killing towards people in cars, then when you hear someones car horn go off go to your safe house and save, (it's better to do this before you complete a mission so it auto saves for you) after that you quit the game, from now on every time you play GTA in that certain spot where you did the mass killing, will be an infinite horn sound from a car that's not there.

How do you connect the horn to the brake pedal so when the driver brakes the horn will sound?


Why do the ears of a fox point forward as sound detectors?

Foxes move their ears forward when they can hear a faint sound they try and hear the sound a little better so they can make out what it won a million pounds

How is the sound of the french horn made?

You must blow into the french horn while doing so press the valve levers and also while sticking your hand in the bell.

If the sound of a french horn can be altered how do you do it?

The sound of the french horn can be altered by sticking your hand in the bell. The farther you put it in, the more muted it sounds, but it also makes it a little flat. Also, every french horn has a different sounds, so you can try a differnent one and it can be like a whole different instrument.

Can you put a truck horn on a car?

most semi's have air horns so yes it is possible

Is there any sound in space?

If "space" were a perfect vacuum, the answer would be "no."However, it's not, so there are sounds "in space", they're just very faint.

How does a french horn sound like?

thats kind of hard to answer so i would sugest going to youtube and listening to it on there.

Why do you hear the sound of an approaching car before car reaches us?

Because the speed of sound travels at +- 1300 km/h and the car that is approaching isn't that fast. So u first hear the sound before the car reaches u.

1997 Cavalier horn not working When you press the horn button you can hear a click but the horn doesn't sound Does that mean the relay is working and the horn unit itself is bad?

test at the plug in at the horn and see if you have fire if so then yes the horn is bad if not you have other problems, you can also just hook a positive cable and a negative cable to the horn were it plugs in and make it honk,then you no the horn is good .simple yet effective

How do you install a horn into a 1969 VW beetle?

The horn sits under the front of the car, and it's bolted to the "frame". Undo the wires that are on the old horn, and remember where the came from so you can put them in the same order on the new horn. If you have the correct horn, the same wiring configuration should work, and you just bolt it on.

Can a car amplifier make any music sound better?

The point of a car amplifier is the make music sound better, so in most cases all amplifier make music sound better.

How can you deactivate a Camry's horn so it doesn't sound when activating the alarm?

If you deactivate the horn your car will not pass the state inspection next time. In order to get rid of the problem you have to reprogram the alarm system. For that you have to find out which alarm system you have. If you have an aftermarket alarm system then you can check the alarm system manufacture website for instructions. If the alarm system was installed by the manufacture you have to contact a local car dealer (the same manufacture of course).

How do you get weird sound out of french horn?

I'm not sure what you mean by "weird sound", but I'm assuming you have a lot of spit in the horn, so much that it sounds like it's bubbling. The only way I have found to get spit out of a french horn is to keep rotating it clockwise until the spit comes out of the bell. either that or pull off all of the slides and pour the spit out of there.

How do you make a sound from a flute?

Easy! Hold it on the side, take a deep breath and blow over the top of the hole. Do not blow so hard as to faint, please.

Why do your car speakers make a weird sound as you accelerate?

Car speakers might make a weird sound as the car accelerates if the radio is equipped with an automatic sound adjuster. Some newer car radios have this feature so that the radio volume does not have to be adjusted when a window is opened or a blower fan is running.

Why would the horn only make a clicking sound on a 1997 Escort?

check your fuse. i had the same problem. that might be it. I doubt a fuse, the clicking is probably the horn relay that you hear. Fair chance the horn or connection at the horn is the problem. The clicking noise is the relay, and since it is clicking I doubt that your switch is bad, so check the fuse and also check the horn (hook it to the battery).

Why do you hear sound of an approaching car before the car reaches us?

This is a rather general question, but the reason for this is because the car is travelling slower then the speed of sound, and so the sound of the engine and the wheels against the surface travels faster then the car itself, hence why you will hear it before the actual entity reaches you.