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You should really call a qualified technician or your gas company. This is a dangerous area for most people. Kenny 801-232-5893

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Q: Why does the ignitor not light when the pool heater is turned on and the gas valve never releases gas to ignite?
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In the Grill it mean the their no red button to push the grill will light it self when turned on.

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its turned on XD

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Its power source is not turned on or it requires repairing.

When my Jeeps heat is turned off for a few minutes then turned on it gives heat but then disepates to cold What is going on?

new heater

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there is a whole in the heater core

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The heater core of a 2004 Chevy Tahoe is used to provide a source of heat to the cabin. When the heater is turned on, air is blown across the heater core which is constantly supplied with hot coolant from the engine.

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Turn off electric to water heater, depending on style, gas water heater may need electric turned off to it also. Turn off gas for gas water heater. If unfamiliar with removing and installing water heater, call a plumber.

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The heater core or a hose to the heater core has a leak. Hopefully it's a hose under the hood because it's a very involved process to get the heater core out.

How To Turn on and Ignite a Gas Wall Heater?

Sometimes figuring out how to turn on and ignite a gas wall heater can gradually turn into a very difficult and arduous process. In fact, learning how to turn on a wall heater does not require superior intelligence and it can be done quickly and safely without any of the hassle. Lighting the Pilot The pilot is simply a small flame inside of the heater that is constantly burning whether the heater is on or off. It’s there to ignite the gas when needed. Instead of immediately jumping into lighting the pilot, it’s a good idea to make sure the pilot is not already lit. If it’s not, then you are ready to light it. Search for a knob that reads “Pilot” and make sure it is turned to that setting. After turning it to the “Pilot” position, hold down the knob until you smell gas emitting. Release the knob and the pilot should stay lit. If the knob is not able to be pressed down, search for a red knob or something similar that can be pressed in. After holding the knob down for at least a minute, let go and the pilot should stay lit. If the pilot doesn’t stay lit, repeat the process of lighting the pilot again. If the pilot still refuses to light, there might be a problem with the heater. Powering On the Gas Now that your pilot is lit, you’ll want to turn the gas on so that your wall heater can begin actually producing heat. Locate the same knob that you turned to the “Pilot” position, and turn it to the “On” or “Operate” position. Doing this can be a little troublesome because it may take a few tries. Also remember that the flames might be a little intense if the knob is turned over to the “On” position too quickly. Setting the Desired Temperature Now that your gas has been turned on, you’re ready to set the temperature. Search for a knob with temperatures or numbers, and twist to the desired level.

Why won't your pool heater light the burners the pilot light is on?

Have you turned the temperature regulator up

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Get the dead animals out of your heater ducts.

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Temperature gauge may drop when heater turned on because additional coolant from heater core is introduced to cooling system - usually this coolant is cooler than what is currently circulating

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generally if an engine overheats, but then does not overheat when heater is turned on, is a good indication that the engine thermostat is stuck and needs replacing

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have you checked the engine thermostat. I have a similar heat or air. according to a service manual there is a door at the heater core that is supposed to open when the heater switch is turned on. this could be the cause for both of our problems. any ideas for getting to the heater core?

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