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Blade RunnerHere are several opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers:
  • I have seen both the theatrical version (1982) as well as the director's cut (1983)version of this movie. Ridley Scott, the director, had an interesting vision of the future (it takes place in Los Angeles 2019), dark, edgy and slightly paranoid. It actually reflects somewhat on 2005 in that cloning, Artificial Intelligence, prejudice and premature aging are a very real part of medicine and science now. It also projects the idea of attaining perfect artificial intellignece, indistinguishable from humans (Rachael). While other future seting films offer more action and FX, Blade Runner shrugs off the technology and focuses on the human condition.
  • The first post definitely hit on part of it. There are a lot of parallels you can draw between the film and current events. I think the other half is that it was not only dark and edgy, but from a cinematography and specials effects standpoint it was pretty revolutionary. Even if you don't like the film as a whole, you have to respect some of the things done in it.
  • The movie raises a few question as to what is human? What makes us humans? Some acts are "inhuman" but what does it refer to? Is love only electric current in your brain?
IN ADDITION:The storyline asks a good question. What if? Philip K. Dick wrote the book this movie is based on in 1968. "Do androids dream of electric sheep?" If you havent done so already, read it and then compare the two. Wikipedia also has a good post on the book as well. just Google do androids. I liked what Decker asked in the movie. "Do any of us really know how much time we have?" That makes the movie timeless.
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Q: Why does the movie Blade Runner still appeal to modern day audiences?
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