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probably have broken parking brake cable.

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Q: Why does the parking brake pedal go to the floor on a 97 suburban?
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The parking brake pedal on my 2001 dodge ram 1500 is stuck to the floor. How do I fix it.?

If the parking brake pedal on your 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 is stuck to the floor, you might have broken the parking brake cable. Remove the rear tires to see if the cable is still attached and replace it as needed.

How is the parking brake set and released in the 1994 Buick Park Avenue?

The parking brake is set by pushing, with your foot, the parking brake pedal on the left side of floor area. It is released by pushing with foot again.

When parking uphill and your feet pushing the brake pedal which do you hit first park gear or parking brake?

Parking brake

How do you release the parking brake pedal on a Mercedes?


Can you connect the parking brake cable to the brake pedal on a 98 ford f150?

And why in the world would you want to do that, as the rear brakes which are operated by the parking brake are already activated by the brake pedal. Do not even think of doing this.

How do you remove the brake pedal on 98 suburban?

To remove the brake pedal on a 1998 Suburban, unscrew the bolt that holds it to the steering wheel column. There are several wires that also have to be disconnected from here that control brake lights.

How do you release the parking brake?

On most cars with a foot pedal parking brake, there is a handle usually just above it that you pull to release the brake.

How do I start a car?

Safest way: Set Parking brake Push clutch pedal to the floor Shift to neutral Turn key to start

Where is the parking brake release on a 1991 cadillac sls?

the manual release lever is attached to the parking brake pedal assy

How do you put the parking brake on a Murray lawn tractor?

First, push the clutch/brake pedal all the way in (forward) with your left foot. Then, while holding that pedal in, lift the small handle (the parking brake) on the right side of the engine housing (just above the right foot rest area) with your right hand. While holding the small handle all the way up, release the clutch/brake pedal. The pedal will move back only a short distance and stay there. The parking brake is set. To release the parking brake, just push the clutch/brake pedal forward and the small parking brake handle will fall down, releasing the parking brake. By PhilfromPA

Where is the emergency brake release located on a 2008 Chevy Malibu?

To release the parking brake, hold the regular brake pedal down with your right foot. Push down momentarily on the parking brake pedal with your left foot until you feel the pedal release. If the parking brake is not released when you began drive, the brake system warning light comes on and s chime sounds as a warning that the parking brake is still on.Manual Book page 2-28

Why does the dash brake light indicator stay on continuously on a 1998 Ford Taurus?

It could be one of serveral things. - Low brake fluid. - Parking brake is on or slightly on. - If the brake pedal has been pushed all the way to the floor. Check the fluid and parking brake first then go to plan B.

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