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bearings frozen in the pump, maybe. It only works when the pump turns...... Number One: Check to be sure the belt is tight, If you are hearing a squeal, the belt may look tight but not be. The serpentine belt has a spring tensioner that I have seen fail, and the belt was just barely tight enough to stay in place, but would not turn the Power Steering pump at times and it has to turn that pulley to pump the fluid, or no power assist to the steering will occur. Number two: Power steering pumps have internal parts that will fail, and cause the loss of internal pressure. It may just be bad. Number Three: If you are not good at mechanic work...Please take it to the best shop you can find. You need smooth operating, power assisted steering at ALL TIMES. There Is No Fuse to Blow. Power steering by Chevrolet is still by fluid/pump.

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Q: Why does the power steering on a 2002 Chevy Z71 stop working when there is adequate power steering fluid a blown fuse maybe?
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