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Why does the red reset button inside the house pop out when you have outdoor lights and a blow dryer on?

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2006-09-05 23:27:04

If You Had Provided More Information As To The Red Button, It

Would Be Easier To Help You. Since You Mentioned A Hairdryer, I

Will Assume This Is In The Bath. Also Since Your Mention Of A

Hairdryer And A Red Button I Also Will Assume You Have A GFCI

Recptical. This Will Have A Little Black Test Button & A Red

Reset Button. If This Is The Case. You Are Overloading The Circuit

{ This May Be Due To The Way The Wiring Was Ran. And Again Your

Ground Fault Recptical May Be Bad. ) That Is +++++++++ If We Are

Talking About The Same Thing. Remember You Have Circuir Breakers In

You House Also. These Are In Your Electric Control Box Where The

Main Breaker Is. If This Isn`t Enough Info. Please Ask Question

Again Providing More Info. But It Sounds Like You Are Overloading

The Circuit. If It Is OK Without The Hairdryer On, Put It In

Another Recptical. Also Your Circuit Breakers Can Go Bad. There Is

Just To Many Things With So Little Info. Hope This Don`t Mess You

Up If you are referring to the little red button on the outlet your

hairdryer is attached to, it is a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit

Interrupter). The little red button should only trip if water, such

as dropping it into the bathtub, interferes with the circuit. If

you are referring to such a device on your bathroom electrical

outlet, there should be absolutely no relation to any other

circuit, including outdoor lighting. In that case, a liscensed

electrical contractor should be consulted.

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