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If You Had Provided More Information As To The Red Button, It Would Be Easier To Help You. Since You Mentioned A Hairdryer, I Will Assume This Is In The Bath. Also Since Your Mention Of A Hairdryer And A Red Button I Also Will Assume You Have A GFCI Recptical. This Will Have A Little Black Test Button & A Red Reset Button. If This Is The Case. You Are Overloading The Circuit { This May Be Due To The Way The Wiring Was Ran. And Again Your Ground Fault Recptical May Be Bad. ) That Is +++++++++ If We Are Talking About The Same Thing. Remember You Have Circuir Breakers In You House Also. These Are In Your Electric Control Box Where The Main Breaker Is. If This Isn`t Enough Info. Please Ask Question Again Providing More Info. But It Sounds Like You Are Overloading The Circuit. If It Is OK Without The Hairdryer On, Put It In Another Recptical. Also Your Circuit Breakers Can Go Bad. There Is Just To Many Things With So Little Info. Hope This Don`t Mess You Up If you are referring to the little red button on the outlet your hairdryer is attached to, it is a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). The little red button should only trip if water, such as dropping it into the bathtub, interferes with the circuit. If you are referring to such a device on your bathroom electrical outlet, there should be absolutely no relation to any other circuit, including outdoor lighting. In that case, a liscensed electrical contractor should be consulted.

2006-09-05 23:27:04
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Why do clothes pockets turn inside out in a clothes dryer?

It's just because pockets can turn inside out from the action of the dryer. Some clothes dry best if they are put into the dryer inside out anyway.

How do you operate a blow dryer?

theres a button

Is a clothes dryer an example of a centrifuge?

Yes, and it has a heater inside which increases temperature inside the dryer to accelerate drying.

How do you remove rubber from inside of dryer?

Use a rubber scraper to remove rubber from inside of the dryer. It is best not to use chemicals in the dryer. If you do decide to use chemicals use caution because many of them are flammable.

Average temperature inside a dryer?


How do you get the controls to unlocked on a whirlpool duet dryer?


How do I clean out my vent dryer?

Unplug the dryer and unscrew the vent in the back of the dryer. Reach in and pull out as much of the lint as you can. Using a vacuum cleaner's extension and on a low setting clean out the rest of the lint inside the dryer.

Is there a way to vent a drier inside safely?

There are a couple ways to vent a dryer, my personal favorite is the dryer vent vacuum. They also have dryer vent hoods, and kits available for installation that will increase the effectiveness of your dryer.

Could a human survive inside the dryer?

Not for very long !

How many amps does a 220 volt dryer use?

There will be a rating plate somewhere on the dryer that will tell you the amperage. Rating plate is usually inside the door to the dryer. A typical value might be 24 A for an electric heat dryer.

What is the purpose of a clothes dryer lint vent brush?

The purpose of a clothes dryer lint brush is help clean lint out of the dryer system. Lint gets stuck inside a dryer and the dryer hose and becomes a fire hazard. The lint brush pulls the lint out of hard to reach places in the dryer.

Why does your electric clothes dryer smell like a gas dryer when you use it?

This may be related to the oils used on some parts of the inner mechanisms of the dryer. When heated, the oils could smell slightly similar to the smell of a gas dryer. Or, your dryer could be pulling in odors (car exhaust fumes, outdoor cooking grills, etc.) from outside through the venting system.

What do you do when your blow dryer gets wet?

The very first thing to do is safely unplug the blow dryer. I would then examine the dryer to see if water got to the inside of the blow dryer. If you find that water got into the inside I would personally pitch the dryer for fear of a later electrical shock when using it. If moisture get into the heating element, it could cause a shortage in the dryer when using because moisture could be trapped within it. If no water got into the inside for sure, just dry it off and let it dry for a day and use it again. If you are not sure, I would rather be safe than sorry. Get another blow dryer. You can buy quality hair dryers at a reasonable price at <ahref=> blow dryer </a>

What do you do if your lighter goes through the wash and dryer?

If your dryer didn't explode, try lighting your lighter. If your lighter lights, then you have nothing to worry about. If it doesn't go buy a new lighter.

How do you keep mice out of inside of car hood?

use a bounce dryer sheet. It works!

What is a sentence using the word clank?

"Clank!" the dryer went as the shoe tumbled inside.

How do you splice a cut wire for outdoor lights?

To join outdoor wire (UF), purchase an "underground splice kit" for each splice. Follow the instructions. Note that this kit comes with a rubber sleeve that covers the finished splice and shrinks around it using a heat gun or blowtorch (such as a plumber's torch). A hair dryer set on hottest setting may work instead. When heating, start in the center and move to the ends as it shrinks.

How do you remove melted plastic from inside a dryer?

Try runing the dryer for a whilr until the plastic starts to soften as a result of the heat. Sill awkward hard work but it will make it easier.

What else could be wrong with your Kenmore dryer that's not heating and its not the thermal fuse or heating element or the circuit breaker?

Does the dryer produce any sound when you turn it on ? If not check the power supply cord and the plug (connector), as well as the switch located inside of the dryer.

What does te3 error code on LG dryer mean?

TE is for thermal error, your dryer is too hot, clean all filters, also condensate filter at the bottom of the dryer and the blower suction hole at the bottom, don't hesitate to get hold of an technician to clean the whole dryer inside, please refer to your instructions manual.

What are the different functions of a condensing tumble dryer?

One function of a condensing tumble dryer is that dry air is heated within it to dry the clothes inside. Instead of passing through a vent after that, the air is recycled back into the drying unit after the water has been removed. A secondary function of this type of dryer is that the hot air from the dryer will heat up the space around it while the dryer completes its cycle.

How do you remove dryer sheet residue from the inside of the dryer?

Answer:Dryer sheets are a sticky chemical that coats the dryer, clothes, and walls around the dryer. It is toxic and flammable. Dryer sheet packaging warns not to use with baby clothes. However, the residue still coats the baby clothes and makes them flammable.Dryers recommend that you not use dryer sheets as it clogs the filter and air entry with the chemical residue. It is impossible to remove the residue once the machine has been tainted. It is best to buy a new machine.

What is an air dryer and what is it used for?

An air dryer is used to remove water vapor from compressed air. Normally you find them in industrial or commercial buildings or areas. Compressed air with water vapor can cause many problems like freezing outdoor lines and corrode equipment.

How do you dry out the inside of a wet guitar?

You can dry it with anything, a heater, hair dryer, whatever, but it's ruined.

What type of thermal energy is When a hair dryer heats a balloon and the air inside it the balloon expands?