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How do you reset the service light on the 940 volvoafter an oil change?


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Below the speedometer there are 2 reset buttons. The one that sticks out resets the odometer. The other one is under a little rubber plug. (If the plug isn't lost) Pry out the plug and push in the reset button. The button can be pushed through the plug, but sometimes the plug ends up inside the cluster. I just take out the plug and throw it away.


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The service engine soon is the same as a check engine light. It has nothing to do with an oil change.

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You have to change the service light because there might be dust in the suction thingy that holds the light, and if its not that, you have to replace the wiring.

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Check engine light is reset with a scan tool.Oil change due is reset by pressing "step" until "0 miles to service" is displayed. Then press and hold "reset" until it resets.

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After a repair has been made on a Renault Laguna the service light will need to be reset. To do this plug the diagnostic tool into the computer and reset the light.

There is no reset button for the check engine light. You can have Mitz. do it for $$$ or you can remove the negative battery line for a few seconds and replace. That will reset the check engin light.

A reset Engine Service Light comes on when an issue comes up with in the engine. This light can be reset by a tech or by fixing the problem.

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on the SID press customise then select system settings then service info and select reset service info. If the option to reset is not there you will need to change the date to a date beyond the 'Days to service', reset option will then appear. when reset, return date to correct setting. (to change date press and hold the info select button when the date is displayed.

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You can reset the service light by bringing of the oil life monitor on your display. Hold the scroll button in until the oil life goes to 100 percent. This should reset your service light.

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