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The Volvo 940 was a mid-size luxury car manufactured by Volvo Cars from 1991 to 1998. This model was among the company’s long-running product line of large RWD (rear wheel drive) cars.

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Volvo 940
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Who sang Lock the door turn the light down low?

I believe that Josh Turner sang this song. The name of it is Your Man or I Want To Be Your Man.

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How do you replace the gas tank cover on a Volvo wagon?

Buy a new plastic hinge Volvo part number 31265160. To replace the hinge, push the two center pins through using a punch. This will free up the broken hinge and you can remove it. Attach the new hinge to the door, then set the grommets into the openings and push the pins in to retain the grommet. BE CAREFUL NOT TO PUSH THE PINS TOO FAR. All they need to be is flush with the grommet.

Volvo 940

Volvo 940 reverse light does not work?

check the wiring to the sensor switch on top of the gear box one is for the overdrive and one is reverse but check all fuses first.

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How do you replace a Regina fuel pump in a 1992 Volvo 940 4DR sedan?

On a Lift from below.

I cut the back of my hands removing an almost new pump from the green machine after I totaled it.

My mechanic put it in by droping the tank. The hoses are the worst part. I cut them on the salvaged part.

MoreIn theory you can replace it through the access plate in the trunk. That's how I remover the one in the green machine. It is real hard to disconnect and reconnect the hoses from above. Putting the car on jack stands and crawing under doesn't help much. With small hands and long arms it may be possible.

On 940 without the Regina pump there are two pumps one a low volume pump in the tank attached to the fuel sender monster and the other is under the driver's side of the car mounted with a fule filter on a removable plate.

The pump in the tank can be removed by popping he plate in the trunk and disconnecting the hoses and wires for the pump and sender unit. It needs to be twisted out because 1. the access plate is too small and 2. the design is unnecessarily complex. Replacement is much more difficult because the sender, tank filler assembly can come apart and drop into the tank making it necessary to start over. This is a bad design all around.

The under car pump can be removed easily by disconnection the fuel feed line and clamping it to prevent siphoning, unbolting the fuel filter banjo fitting that runs to the fuel rail on the engine, and removing the two bolts and one nut that hold the bracket to the frame. The electrical connectors are push on pull off type. The pump is a proprietary design and it can be a pain to modify an after market pump to match up to the banjo, fuel input and electrical connectors all of which are proprietary. This is another bad design.

Most problems can be solved by checking the fuel pump relay before you start.

Volvo 940
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How do you get the check engine light codes on a Volvo 940?

1. Purchase an OBD II code reader machine from an auto parts store.

2. Or the easier, cheaper way: take your vehicle to Aamco Transmissions or Midas shop and they will check it for free!

If the Volvo is 1995 or newer, they can pull the codes very easily.

If it's 1994 or older, they can pull the codes but it takes more labor.

Whichever shop you go to may charge you if your Volvo is 1994 or older. But you can always try to negotiate the price down and see if they'll go for it.

The Aamco I took my '94 to wanted $98. I said forget it, but since they took so long with my car they through in the test free.

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How do you clear the check engine light on a Volvo 940?

to clear a "check engine" light on a Volvo 940:

First you have to plug the test cable into socket 2 for fuel injection or 6 for ignition codes. The codes are read as groups of red led flashes.

1)turn the ignition switch to "run" position, press the diagnostic button for 5-8 seconds, then release. the LED would come on.

2)press the diagnostic button for over 5 seconds until the LED goes off.

3)press the diagnostic button for 1-3 seconds, if the LED shows "1 1 1" , that means the DTC have been cleared.

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Volvo 940
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Where is the best place to get a repair manual for a 1992 Volvo 940?

You can go to this web page if in the UK try

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How to reset the srs-unit after replacing the air bag?

please see:

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How do you install a side mirror on a Volvo 940?

For a 93 or 94 pry off the black triangular piece of plastic inside the door. The mounting screws are under it.

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How do you reset radio 850 Volvo?

If the word "code" appears, you need to punch in the 4-digit code that's probably on a card in the brown plastic container with your owner's manual in your glove box. If it's missing, call any Volvo dealer service department and ask for the radio code. They'll ask you for the VIN number of the car which is at the bottom of your windshield. Then they should be able to look it up. Once you have the code, just punch it into your radio to unlock it. You need to do this every time you remove or kill your battery.-Ricardo Furioso

Volvo 940
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Where is the indicator flasher unit on a Volvo V 40?

I am in Australia so it is right hand drive but the flasher unit is located behind the bonnet latch on the far right hand side of the vehicle. Might be left for you but you have to remove a plastic cover under the steering wheel. Then the flasher is located at the top of a fuse box under the dash. you would have to lay on the floor of the vehicle to be able to see it. Take a torch, it's a bit dark.

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What would cause a 1991 Volvo 940 Turbo to have white smoke come from the tailpipe?

White smoke out of exhaust is usually indicitive of water or coolant in the combustion chanber/ chambers of the exhaust. Usually caused by a blown head gasket. A costly repair. clean pipes to and from intercooler and clean intercooler .and clean crankcase breather.

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How do you enter a Volvo radio unlock code?

use the preset buttons to enter the correct numbers, then press the "aux" button

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How do you get the trunk of a 2001 Dodge Stratus open if the key just turns but it does not unlatch?

you might have to crall through the opening in the back seat

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Where is the horn in a 1993 Volvo 940 wagon?

It's under the front bumper on the drivers side

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Why would the brake lights on a 1994 Volvo 940 wagon stop working when the bulbs and brake pedal actuation switch are OK and there is no bulb failure warning light on the instrument panel?

The fault will be in the wiring but could be anywhere from the fuse board onwards. The bulb failure light system works by comparing to indentical systems, in this case the right & left brake lights. If the electrical current flowing to each build is significantly different the waring light comes on , ie one light is working and the other is not. If problem affects both lights this will not trigger the warning as the current to both lights is the same, zero.

Check the fuse, the wiring between the fuse board, actuation switch and bulb failure unit and bulb failure unit its self. The build failure unit is actually a set of detectors in one unit so it is possible that the brake circuit part has a fault while the rest continues to work normally.

Another Idea: I fixed that problem by removing the orange colored sensor (from the relay box) to diagnose it. I took it apart (probably needlessly) but realized that the pins had invisible non-conductive corrosion on them so I sanded the pins. Then the brakes work. So just sand the pins and replace the sensor. No need to disassemble as I did.

Volvo 940

You have a '92 940 gl with a radio that says OFF and doesn't respond to any commands to turn on Is this some security function the display said cod before it stoped working or broken?

When I had work done on my engine this happened to me. Call the dealer with your VIN number and they will give you a code to key in using the radio presets. === More Info=== You have to enter the correct code within 3 trys or you get locked out even more. Once it says OFF, you have to leave it turned on for about 1 1/2 hours. Then it says cod again and you get 3 more trys. The instructions are in the owners manual. If the radio is not the original, you have to pull it out and get the sertial number for the dealer to research the code.

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Where you can get Volvo 940 GL insction book?

My mother got her replacement 240 instruction book off of eBay. You can also try your dealer, other local dealers, or a mechanic who specializes in Volvos.

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Where is the transmission fluid filler plug for a 1993 Volvo 940?

You fill the automatic transmission through the transmission dip stick tube. There is a drain plug in the transmission oil pan, but no filler plug. The transmission dip stick handle is usually yellow and has a spring steel catch (if it hasn

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Need to know location of the fuse box on a1993 940?

behind the ashtray - great access but never would have looked there if it had not been for the owners manual - I have not however been able to locate the fuse to the ABS which is supposed to be left of the steering wheel under the dash... The fuse panel is double side, there are fuses on either side of it...My ABS fuse was on the back of the panel

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Where is the crankshaft position sensor 91 Volvo 940 turbo?

Yes there is... It's behind the head and connects to the top of the bell housing.... 10mm socket will be needed.... DON"T DROP THAT BOLT INTO THE HOUSING ONCE THE SENSOR IS PULED OUT..... Make sure the cable has a white stripe on it...

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Where can I find the exact location of fusible links on a 1994 Volvo 940 Connected jumper cables backwards Radio stopped working?


940s have fuses in the tray behind the ash tray. On a US 94 940 #26 is the Radio & Amp and #5 is the antenna Did the radio display read off or code? If so you simply need to enter the code. However some radios have a diode across the power input to prevent damage. That diode may have blown and need replacement. I know of no fuse links (wires that melt) on Volvo 940s.

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Where is the transmission fluid drain plug and the filter on a 1994 Volvo 940?

The plug is on the rear side near the bottom of the transmission pan, the filter is inside that pan and is a great thing to have a tranny shop do every 20,000 miles for about 40.00 dollars not that much fun to do while laying under the car and trying to get the filler tube back on without stripping the threads

Volvo 940

Is there a standard 1992 Volvo 940 radio code?

Call the dealership with your vin number and they will give you the code. They may eve walk you through it too~!

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Does a 1988 Volvo 740 turbo charged have a emergency fuel shut off switch?

not a switch but it does have one if you over boost at about 12-14 psi.


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