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There is a wire which connects the lampholder to ground on the chassis. Either the wire is corroded, loose, or the socket for the lamp is corroded. Take the lamp out of the lampholder, and look carefully at the metal parts where the lamp connects to the lampholder. Do any look corroded, fuzzy, dirty, or loose? If not, trace the wire from the lampholder back to where it connects to the frame of the car, or the motor. Look for frayed, chafed, or kinked points on the wire. Check to make sure that the wire is securely attached to the lug where the screw or bolt attaches to the ground point. If none of these checks reveals a problem, take the vehicle to an automotive electrical specialist. I had the same problem with my J30. The driver side headlight would turn on/off. There is a "relay" that needs to be replaced. It is located on the inside sidewall of the front wheel of the driver side. It fixed the problem for me. Hope it works for you as well. There is a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) on the headlamp relay of these cars. Nissan has updated the relay with better material contacts. The relay is located: Standing in front of the car: The very top right corner under the hood. Against the firewall, under the windshield, crammed up against the side of the car.

2009-08-01 16:53:34
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Q: Why does the right headlight in your 93 Infinity J-30 come on initially then go out intermittantly and finally stay on even after replacing the bulb and fuse?
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