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check to see if vehicle speed sensor is bad. it will show up on computer scan that can be done at autozone for free.

2006-09-29 04:50:26
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Q: Why does the speedometer gage jump up at higher speeds but the odometer still is accurate on my 1996 Ford Wind-star Van?
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Will a 2004 Honda Civic EX speedometer work on a Civic DX of the same year?

Yes. It will work without any modifications. However, local laws may prevent you from being able to do this legally. If the odometer is built into the speedometer, the new odometer must read equal to or higher mileage than the odometer you are removing. Not following such laws may result in fraud charges if you decide to sell the car in the future.

What octane fuel do you need to run in a 2000 ford windstar?

According to the owners manual, the Windstar is happy with plain 87 octane. Anything higher is not necessary, and doesn't improve performance or mileage.

Why won't a GM 4L80E transmission shift in forward gears?

check the wires to the speed sensor at the trans at under the dash. if 1 is unhooked the speedometer will not work and it will only shift from 1'st to 2'nd if you manualy shift it, but it will not go any higher than 2'nd. this is a safety feature to prevent odometer tampering.

How does a speedometer work on a 95 Chevy S-10?

there is a speed sensor on the rear of the tranny which puts out a pulse to the ecm this is converted to dc current to drive the speedometer faster the speed more pulses more pulses the higher the dc the higher the dc the faster the speed display

How do lower gears in the rear end effect the odometer?

Lower gears in the rear end means that the wheels will turn more than expected for a given gear and engine rpm, so the odometer will read higher than it should.

Advantages of CAM?

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Why does the speedometer on your 1998 cavalier drop after shifts?

Why does the speedometer on my 1998 cavalier drop a few MPH after some occasional shifts to higher gear? I.E. 3rd to 4th gear, speedometer would drop from 35 to 30 mph, without the vehicle speed changing, then go back up to vehicle speed.

What is the car value of my used 1999 Ford Windstar?

The standard, highest price of a 1999 Ford Windstar Passenger Minivan is around $2,037. The value, of course, decreases substantially. However, you will most likely be able to sell this car for a higher value.

Is it possible to calibrate the speedometer on a 1996 Ford Taurus GL Mine is 6mph higher than it should be?

slightly bigger tires

What is the actual speed if the speedometer is reading 75mph and the speed is 2.5 mph higher at 60 mph?

A hair over 78 mph (78.125).

What does a chronometer do?

A chronometer measures time. Generally, only a clock that is extremely accurate would be called a chronometer. It parcels counts based on a standard increment of time, and typically "counts up" to higher and higher values. This can either be a counter scale like with the odometer of an automobile, or (mostly commonly) hour, minute, and second hands. It is almost always a precision mechanical device, rather than all-electric or atomic. it's a watch

What is the maximum rim size for Toyota axio?

Recommended size is 14" to 15". You can go higher to 16" but not recommeded. Note that when you go for bigger rim, the profile must be adjusted accordingly so that the speedometer stay the same. Otherwise the speed recorded in the speedometer is incorrect.

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An automatically measurement has a higher precision than a manually measurement.

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Higher-priced watches, more often than not, have a better, more accurate timekeeping mechanism or at least have a better crystal.

Suppose that a freely falling object were somehow equipped with a speedometer By how much would its speed reading increase with each second of fall?

If the object is freely falling near the surface of the earth, then the reading on the speedometer is always 9.8 meters per second (32.2 feet per second) higher than it was one second earlier. That number is called the "acceleration of gravity on earth", and your speedometer is a great way to explain it !

Why would your odometer go backwards on 1994 Jeep wrangler?

How long have you had the Jeep? If you bought it and the title says a higher number than the odometer says, then someone turned it back to make it look like it has less wear & tear on it. That will actually totally screw up the title. I believe (at least in GA), you can only get a salvage title if that happens. I'm pretty sure no automaker creates vehicles where the odometer can go back without someone breaking in to it

Your 1999 ford windstar run real rough at an idle but gets better when driving at higher speeds?

You need to replace or clean the ERG valve. This will help with your milage too.

Why does the speedometer on your 1998 cavalier drop a few MPH after some occasional shifts to higher gear IE 3rd to 4th gear speedometer would drop from 35-30-35 without the vehicle speed changing?

YOUR SPEED SENCER IS STARTING TO GO its located on the side of your transmission

Is GPS a reliable way to see where you am in the world?

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Why did Mendel study such a large sample of pea plants?

A higher sample size gives more accurate results.

What does accurate results mean?

very close or spot on <><><> In science, it is important to distinguish between the terms accurate and precise. Precise is related to how detailed a description or measurement is, while accurate is how much it can be trusted. For example, a scale may tell you your weight is 123.45678 lbs., but it is only accurate to within a pound so you know your accurate weight is 123 although the precision of the scale is much higher.

What would happen if you put 15 inch tires on a car that calls for 14 inch tires?

First off I am assuming the larger tires and wheels fit with adequate clearance. The 15" tires are likely taller than the 14" tires, that means they have a larger circumference, thus a longer rolling distance. It will make the car sit slightly higher. Most likely the biggest difference will be that the speedometer and odometer will read incorrectly, I don't know just how much.

How can you safely add 7300 miles to the odometer of a 99 Harley Davidson XLH1200 motorcycle without driving it the bike needs 7800 miles on it for CA registration it doesn't have CA emissions?

the speed sensor is on the transmission and should have three wires going to it. red is 12+, black is ground and white is the speed signal going to the speedometer. this signal is a 12+ square wave pulse which is counted and converted to miles. one method is to place bike on a block and let it idle in fifth gear but this will take awhile depending on how many miles you need to add. another way is to get a signal generator and hook up to the white wire from the speed sensor with it removed from the connector. adjust the out put for a 12+ pulse if you generator will go that high, if not crank it as high as it will go and hopefull the speedometer will count it. turn on the ignition, engine off, and adjust the square wave output frequency until the speedometer will register, higher mph-the quicker the miles. if it sets a speedometer code, do not worry, it can be erased after you are through.

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dno sry. . . . i guess It's quicker . Designs are more accurate. . Higher standard.

Why was it important for mendal to study such a large sample of pea plants?

A higher sample size gives more accurate results.