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were the bearings on the pulleys checked, or the bearings in the blower?

i was having this very problem--the tensioner and idler pulleys as well as the serpentine and supercharger belt on my 98 GTP were all replaced--seriously every pulley and belt on the engine--and there was still a rattle. I'm told the bearing inside the supercharger (???) could be the problem, meaning that one day the supercharger could die, throwing its belt and leaving me royally screwed.

ok, so i didn't exactly answer. sorry about that. i found on magnason superchargers when the front cover is unbolted and removed from the blower housing there is a spring loaded dampner the attaches the drive pulley to the rotors when removed you will here the spring uncoil i found this to cause play between pulley and front drive gears . a quick way to see i someone tampered with the blower is disconnect the s/c belt and turn the pulley back and forth (with engine off!!!!)if you here cluncking and feel play chances are the dampener spring was toyed with and needs to be dissassembled and assembled correctly.if you are talking about a centrifical vortech charger we always get low rpm rattles with some age but rattles subside when you start to wind them up.a make a model would be helpfull!!

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Q: Why does the supercharger make a rattling sound even after all the bearings have been checked and all look fine?
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What is the rattling sound coming from in a 1995 Honda Civic Lx 5 speed when you accelerate power?

When a hub bearing is broken it will create a rattling sound as the wheels spin. The after a car accelerates the louder the hub bearings will sound.

What would make engine sound like it is rattling?

It may be the main bearings or the thrust bearings. These are often noisiest when you first start the car and then quiet as the motor warms up.

What causes a rattling sound in the front wheels of your 1995 Honda Civic after accelerating?

The rattling sound in the front of a 1995 Honda Civic wheels can be caused by wheel bearings. These bearing allow the wheel to turn and when they fail the produce a loud noise.

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Why would 1998 Honda Civic make a rattling sound on front left wheel which you hear rounding curves and occasionally when driving straight Completely stops when car stops?

You might want to have the CV joints checked. When bearings start to go out, they make a "clicking" or "rattling" noise while driving - especially while making turns.

What would cause a squealing sound from passenger side of a 2000 crown Victoria?

Have u checked the bearings?

What would cause a rattling sound in the front drivers side of a Ford F-250?

Could be a worn out shock or wheel bearings. Is it 4 wheel drive?

Why is their a chirping rattling sound coming from your Pontiac GTO?

It could be a belt slipping... the bearings in your ac compressor going out... low fluid level in your power steering reservoir

Why does your 95 Ford Windstar GL make an intermitten rattling and scratching sound coming from the rear right wheel?

Check your wheel bearings. Jack up the rear end a compare play in the bearings on each of the back wheels.

How to fix a supercharger with rattling in snout of supercharger is there a diagram?

If your supercharger is an Eaton type supercharger and it is making noise that is an early indication that the supercharger might need a rebuild. A lot of times the noise is actually coming from a little coupler that is located in the inside of the supercharger. This coupler has 6 holes in it and over time these rounded holes will wear out and become an oval shape. Once it becomes oval shape the supercharger will start to make a rattle sound. If left untreated the rattle will lead to the bearings going bad and then the seals. You will then need to get a complete rebuilt done on the supercharger. The coupler is easy to replace. You basically have to take the supercharger noise off with the 6 bolts that holds it and then once the two ends pull a part the coupler will be sitting right there. Just slide the coupler off of the pins and replace it. Then slide the two ends together and bolt it back up. You will also need to refill the supercharger with oil.

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